Bad Teacher

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Apr 24, 2014 - Jul 26, 2014








Meredith - Ari GraynorCarl - David Alan GrierJoel - Ryan HansenIrene - Sara GilbertGinny - Kristin DavisLily - Sara Rodier

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A comedy based on the movie of the same name.

Meredith is an attractive former trophy wife who was left with nothing by her rich ex-husband. In order to get back to her lavish lifestyle, Meredith hatches a plan to pose as teacher at her stepdaughter's ritzy middle school so she can meet a wealthy single father.

Using a fake resume and her undeniable charm, Meredith works her way into the principal's good graces - but it won't be that easy with some of the other staff. Her former high school classmate, who is now the school's gym teacher, sees right through her ruse but is amused by her antics. The Faculty President also suspects something is a bit off with their newest teacher.

Comments (15)

frank robbs
05/31/15 at 06:08am

what a bunch of assholes that are cancelling this shows with out give them a shot after just 5 episodes what happened to "we are men" and lucky 7 no wonder tv's done its a joke
08/04/14 at 07:36pm

My husband and I loved this show. It was really funny - hopefully a different network picks this show up.
07/12/14 at 06:41am

Ari was not the one for this, she looked peabrain.
05/29/14 at 05:39pm

I luv this show i thought it was so funny i hope they didn't cancel this show.
David Wood
05/27/14 at 07:34pm

Meredith is quite a luscious dish. But her flat-out immoral character is like a one-joke comedy monologue. There's nothing to sustain long term interest.
How can she teach a whole term without knowing anything about her subject? It makes no sense.
05/25/14 at 06:22pm

Love Bad Teacher. But what is the point of looking at new shows and they get canceled within a few episodes.
05/24/14 at 12:52pm

I loved this show because it is a lot like the movie version. cbs please reconsider this show. I love the lead star because she looks a lot like somebody I went out with before and she was cute too.
not happy
05/23/14 at 08:54pm

Sucks the cancelled the show I really liked it. The show was funny.CBS I don't watch your shows because when you get a decent one you cancel it and keep dumb shows that are boring. Get some edge to your game CBS because you suck!
05/18/14 at 04:21pm

This show has no redeeming qualities.
05/14/14 at 01:19pm

Not surprised at all. Watched one episode and gave it a chance, that's all it deserved. Only tried because of Sara Gilbert. It was so bad in so many ways.

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