Bad Teacher

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Apr 24, 2014 - Jul 26, 2014








Meredith - Ari GraynorCarl - David Alan GrierJoel - Ryan HansenIrene - Sara GilbertGinny - Kristin DavisLily - Sara Rodier

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A comedy based on the movie of the same name.

Meredith is an attractive former trophy wife who was left with nothing by her rich ex-husband. In order to get back to her lavish lifestyle, Meredith hatches a plan to pose as teacher at her stepdaughter's ritzy middle school so she can meet a wealthy single father.

Using a fake resume and her undeniable charm, Meredith works her way into the principal's good graces - but it won't be that easy with some of the other staff. Her former high school classmate, who is now the school's gym teacher, sees right through her ruse but is amused by her antics. The Faculty President also suspects something is a bit off with their newest teacher.

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05/11/14 at 08:29am

this show very stupid it need lot of work
05/10/14 at 07:16pm

The show is stupid and goes against everything we try to instill in our children. A story about another "pretty" person who goes through life on her looks instead of education ! The whole show is stupid!
05/09/14 at 01:47pm

@Bill, I think you mean Kate Hudson?
I love this show, Ari Graynor is a great actress this show is funny and I really hope it doesn't get canceled.
@Robin, what does that mean exactly?
04/30/14 at 07:48pm

It was an Abortion of All Common Sense.
04/25/14 at 02:13pm

Lead actress is awful. She's trying so hard to be Kate Huson it's pathetic. Everything about this show is wrong. Starting with its network. It's obviously a Fox style show, why it's on CBS is beyond me. It needs to go fast

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