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Mar 18, 2014 - May 06, 2014








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A reality series focused on searching for rare antiques and collectibles.

Cameras follow eccentric collector Barry Weiss, formerly of Storage Wars, as he travels across the country looking to unearth rare and fascinating collectibles.

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echo sierra
03/28/15 at 11:47pm

Show should deal mostly with custom cars and bikes which are obviously his passions.
Ted Roberts
10/15/14 at 09:50am

Barry please go back to storage wars you gave that show some class.
Gary Williams
10/09/14 at 01:10pm

berto, Get out of your Mamma's basement, quit hating so much, get a Life AND a Job. You'll feel better about yourself ! I promise !
Vic Worley
10/09/14 at 07:45am

I LOVE the Show "Barry'd Treasure".... I LOVE the Humor, Quirkyness and Good Feeling of the Show !! I Think Barry is a Great, Witty, Funny Guy With a BIG HEART That LOVES Helping People !! I Hope the Show gets Renewed in Some Kind of a Way ? Because Barry, YOU ARE, A-ONE-OF-A-KIND !
09/23/14 at 02:50pm

I agree the show does not work and seems set up at times when he just happens to meet someone. Also he seems to know most of the USA and takes them along with him. Go back to storage wars barry the show misses you
Captain Awesome
09/09/14 at 05:36pm

Best show on TV love Barry and Kenny! Hope there is a season 2!
09/04/14 at 12:58pm

Yes Barry is a douche and a phoney.
He's not a "Collector" He's just another grubb.
08/27/14 at 11:50am

I think Barry is great but the new show hasn't been thought out well enough. The success of Storage Wars for me is the surprise or lack of it in each locker. It was a winning formula with Barry as the handsome older and very funny guy. There is no element of surprise in the new show. I thought the new show was going to be Barry buying stuff here and there that he had to sell for a profit. you could have included interesting vignettes on wonderful collectors and collections.
08/20/14 at 07:17pm

This show stinks, and Barry is a douche.
Jim Milewski
07/28/14 at 04:10pm

Barry, you are the bomb. Get back on Storage Wars, you make the show. Your a cool old dude

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