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Mar 18, 2014 - May 06, 2014








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A reality series focused on searching for rare antiques and collectibles.

Cameras follow eccentric collector Barry Weiss, formerly of Storage Wars, as he travels across the country looking to unearth rare and fascinating collectibles.

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Josh Derbert
04/04/18 at 01:57am

Barry was a great pearson always making people laugh so if it was stagged it still was a halrious show he made storage wars funny and barryd was to
11/17/16 at 06:40am

Didn't watch your spin-off, Barry. Sorry. You can always come back to Storage Wars. You know people will make fun of you for your failures on the show if you do comeback. At least you gave it a try. Good luck to whatever you do or don't do.
03/28/16 at 09:23pm

First Las Vegas now Barry'd cancelled. I Loved this show. I bet if it had a bunch of gay dudes and lesbians making out there would be 5 more seasons. Tv, is going to sh*t today. Atleast this show teaches some history on antiques and collectibles for kids to get into more. But what do I know, I am cait is way better!! A man that wants to be a women is better for our children to see!!! F*ckin idiots!!!!
02/10/16 at 07:22am

sadly its canciled, they haven't made any new episodes since 2014, doubt its coming back
Hugh Cook
01/10/16 at 08:41am

Very Entertaining show. I hope it gets another season so it can find its legs.
10/10/15 at 10:41am

Great job Barry! Keep it up! But Storage Wars will never be the same without you!
06/25/15 at 04:42pm

Phony? Who cares? I'm watching his show, not trusting him with my 401k. The guy is entertaining as hell. Bring on season 2
06/23/15 at 04:17pm

barry-we love you and u make the show!
stay cool and sctrew the haters!
05/16/15 at 10:40am

he is a phony and should stay retired
05/16/15 at 10:35am

he is a phony barry is not his real name

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