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Apr 24, 2014 - Jul 24, 2014








Catherine - Kelly ReillyIan - Ditch DaveyWill - David AjalaIna - Ali WongRegan - Laura FraserJosh - David ChisumEsme - Siobhan WilliamsOwen - Terry KinneyHelen - Vanessa Redgrave

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A drama following a world-renowned neuroscientist struggling with her own mental illness.

Catherine Black is a well-known neuroscientist who secretly struggles with bipolar disorder. The only other person who knows about her illness is her psychiatrist, who was at Catherine's side after her first break and acts as her maternal figure since her mother committed suicide after struggling with the same disease.

Catherine, along with her staff at The Cube, work to diagnose and treat challenging cases of patients with rare conditions.

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Rodwin Avery
08/27/14 at 09:46pm

You know what A** B*** ****........ Sit on this ☝️
Ed P
08/27/14 at 07:30pm

Please don't cancel Black Box. It seems when ABC does get a program that the public likes it usually is cancelled. That's why you are near the bottom in programming, save for Castle, and the soap General Hospital which are saving your bacon right now. If you think it's your reality shows, think again and look at CBS' weekly lineup and their ratings.
08/14/14 at 06:27pm

ABC just doesnt now what to do next.... I they would just give some of the shows a chance.... RED WIDOw. Black Box... the shows take a moment to grow on you but when they do you are hooked... then again what do you expect from a next work that cancelled popular soaps... Asinine.
My boys
08/14/14 at 10:34am

Loved this show...really? I hate when you get hooked on a show and the networks decide to cancel it. Who are they using for their ratings? Certainly not us! Hopefully, another network will pick it up. Excellent show...Shame on ABC!
08/13/14 at 11:30am

This show is awesome,sorry to see it go maybe it can be picked up by another network. Very bad decision to cancel.
08/13/14 at 10:27am

In light of Robin Williams' suicide, most likely because he, too, was bipolar, I wish ABC would reconsider. This is the only show on television dedicated to the subject.
08/12/14 at 07:06pm

OMG _ I'm so glad this show was cancelled. Bad acting.
08/12/14 at 11:30am

Why would such a great, educational show be cancelled??!! It seems that the terrible shows continue season after season but the good shows get cancelled after one season. It obviously isn't about pleasing the TV viewer.
08/11/14 at 06:51am

This show wouldn't have been cancelled if it were put on a proper night. Fridays are chow killers and when they end up showing the remaining episodes on Saturdays you know it's over. Especially if they do a "season finale" on Saturdays show two final episodes.
This show was doomed from the day it started.
08/10/14 at 10:13pm

Please don't cancel. It's a very good show and well written. I loved the drama and learning about different medical cases.

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