Catch a Contractor

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Mar 09, 2014 - Aug 30, 2015






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A reality series that seeks retribution for wronged homeowners.

Cameras follow host Adam Carolla and two licensed contractors as they come to the aid of homeowners who have been cheated by a shady contractor and left to deal with an unfinished disaster.

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12/17/14 at 00:55am

I also noticed that and thought that it was odd. The handicapped placards are issued my the DMV, not the Social Security Administration lol.
You can get one of those Handicapped placards for high blood pressure, arthritis etc, your Doctor has to fill out paperwork.
I'm sure fatass Ray has some sort of serious obesity related health issues but nothing required for what one would need to collect a permanent disability check.
10/20/14 at 05:35pm

I just watched an episode of your show which aired on 10/19/2014. I noticed the contractor, Ray, had a disabled card hanging from his rearview mirror. How can he be disabled and be a stucco contractor? Does he collect disability? Did the show report him to the Social Security Administration?
Jay Lubinsky
10/12/14 at 07:21pm

Would you please consider coming to Boynton Beach, Florida? I paid 97% for a job started March 24th for the remodeling of two bathrooms. The contractor has not completed either bathroom to date.
Can you help us. Have complete documentation. There is no warranty paperwork for plumbing, fixtures, painting, etc. Workmanship is very shoddy. The general contractor only sends a worker two hours per week since March 24, 2014. Workers have stolen some of our property. In addition, a new painter had recently taken paint we paid to get more of. This painter walked off the job and have told him he needs to return our merchandise. This also has not been addressed by general contractor.
We have complained to the heads of the contracting company and even inspectors who oversee the permits. We have spent way too much money and need our work completed by licensed subcontractors as soon as possible.
Deperately asking for you assistance in this matter.
Yours truly;
Jay Lubinsky

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