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Mar 11, 2014 - Present




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A reality series following the life of millionaire Todd Chrisley.

In this reality series with a comedic twist, cameras follow Atlanta-based self-made millionaire Todd Chrisley, his wife, and their five children. The family lives a lavish Southern lifestyle and has everything money can buy, but behind the scenes they all deal with real-life issues that often include a healthy dose of laugh-out-loud drama.

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09/05/18 at 06:29am

Love Love Love this show!! Down to earth and real!
03/29/17 at 07:25pm

Very funny show. I watched it once and got hooked.
Guido Sarducci
03/31/15 at 03:54pm

Sign the petition and tell them how you feel about bankruptcy fraud!
03/24/15 at 06:11pm

He belongs in jail!
01/06/15 at 03:02pm

I loved this show the first season until I heard what came out after. That he filed this past July for 42 million dollars, that they have over 20 lawsuits including fraud with his wife Julie over Fannie Mae, that his son, Kyle went on the lamb and I watched him live during season 2 which I decided that you can preach about how Christian you are knowing it's all a lie. And he kept the lies up on WWHL even why they had to "downsize", he couldn't man up and say, the bank owns my house now because I have a friend that lives in Alpharetta where they had that huge 30,000 sq. ft. house and she saw the sign that it's up for auction because of foreclosure, that Kyle and his daughter Lyndsay is from his first wife and that he was behind on child support. So, to here that lying can get you yet another season gets a renewal based on lies. Sorry, Todd and Julie, not interested.
11/25/14 at 01:46pm

Don't know about, "best show" it's definitely not the best in any category, but it is good, funny, entertaining and stupid, but I really like it, don't exactly know why ... saw my first episode yesterday ...
10/22/14 at 03:03pm

Really enjoy this show
Alice Ashcraft
09/20/14 at 12:36pm

Can not wait till the new season of Chrisley Knows Best... Best show on love it
04/15/14 at 00:55am

This is the best family show on i love this family

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