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Oct 24, 2014 - Feb 13, 2015




Drama / Fantasy




John - Matt RyanManny - Harold PerrineauChas - Charles HalfordZed - Angelica Celaya

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A drama based on the DC comic book series "Hellblazer".

John Constantine is a veteran demon hunter and master of the occult. Armed with a deep understanding of the dark arts and a sharp wit, he fought evil forces until abandoning his campaign because his soul was damned to hell.

When a series of events thrust him back into action, he will do anything to protect the innocent and tilt the balance of good and evil towards the right side.

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Highway Dave
05/12/15 at 08:47pm

@ Pascal: The TV series was based from the Hellblazer comic and more closely represents the source material than the movie does. That being said, the first couple of episodes are a bit off putting as the character isn't very likable. If you can bear through a few episodes, it is brought together in becomes something that is enjoyable and immersive. I believe that it is for this reason that the show did not get the ratings it required to not get axed. Shame, I liked this one.
05/10/15 at 10:25am

Constanine will be a good series if the principal actor playing John is replaced because he does not look any close to the character in the movie played by Reeves. May be CW should pick the show and rework it with Tom Welling as John Constantine, just an idea.
larry s
04/19/15 at 09:15am

please renew this !!
04/03/15 at 07:43pm

At this time, there is no news on the status of this show. NBC will be considering pilots sometime this month.
03/26/15 at 10:45pm

Yahoo News today announced that it was cancelled....
03/24/15 at 05:14pm

So....Anyone hear the rumor of it getting moved to SYFY and being renamed as Hellblazer? To me that would be NBC's best bet since they do own both networks. It also could get darker and rebranded into a more well rounded series.
03/11/15 at 03:19am

To those that think this is a Supernatural wannabe because it's about fighting demons... news flash!! Constantine is based off of a comic that was around long before shows like supernatural existed. It's a much better written show as well.
I'll be disappointed if it is cancelled, but I wouldn't be surprised since the networks tend to renew crap like celebrity apprentice and the bachelorette instead of giving shows like this one a chance to develop.
Karen M
03/01/15 at 04:14pm

It started slow, but has gotten really good. This reminds me of a 90's show called Brimstone, where demons escaped hell and there was a man who the devil recruited against his will, to hunt them down and send back. I was really upset when they cancelled that. But, this show is a lot like that one, with a better overall plot of the wall between earth and hell disappearing and angles. For some reason, it hasn't been on for the last 2 weeks, which has me worried, it will be cancelled. I hope not.
Nicole Luvbug
02/27/15 at 10:09pm

The show very much tries to copy Supernatural, from fighting demons, side humors r sidekick actors with supernatural abilities,, to the private lair.. Supernatural wins my vote but that doesn't mean that I dislike this show or wouldn't watch it because there is another show like it TV. If anything, I appreciate it. Admittedly, after the first couple of episodes I thought that it was rediculous, but I hung in there and was pleasantly surprised because the episodes became more interesting and I really started to like it. So hopefully it will hang around a while. Not everything can be reality TV and straight forward Drama.
02/14/15 at 10:02pm

I've read a portion of the comic series and loved it. I also love the show, so hoping it gets a second season.

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