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Jul 09, 2014 - Sep 09, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Molly - Halle BerryJohn - Goran VisnjicEthan - Pierce GagnonSam - Camryn ManheimHideki - Hiroyuki SanadaJulie - Grace GummerAlvin - Michael O'NeillFemi - Annie Wersching

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A sci-fi drama following an astronaut who returns home after a year in space.

Molly is an astronaut who has recently returned home from a year-long solo space mission. As she tries to re-adjust to life on earth and reconnect with her husband and son, it becomes apparent that her experiences in space are connected to events that will ultimately alter the course of human history.

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10/19/15 at 11:09am

Under the Dome took a nosedive it's last season and deserved to be cancelled. This show though had a good story but I really don't see where they could've gone from finding out the real threat against humanity and stopping it. They closed the loop on where and why the aliens came to Earth and everyone is going to live happily ever after.
A show that needs to be cancelled is The Walking Dead! What is the point of that show really? It's like a soap opera anymore. Perfect show for 90% of America though, doesn't require much thought and tons of violence... No intelligent thinking required.
mike dobey
10/14/15 at 04:55pm

cbs , needs to stop cancelling all of it's good sci fi show. they killed 'under the dome' and now this one.
10/07/15 at 02:13pm

I hope they bring the show back I like it please
09/26/15 at 03:22pm

The show's been great. But the 2015 season finale sure looked like a series finale.
Linda McClellan
09/23/15 at 07:58pm

Mind your own business her personal life is just that the show is great. I really enjoyed it for it's entertainment. Liked all the actors.
09/17/15 at 05:06pm

Love this show please do not cancel. Story line is very good. And love the actors they are doing a great job
09/12/15 at 11:24pm

Love this show please do not cancel. Story line is very good. And love the actors they are doing a great job
08/19/15 at 09:57am

the boy is neither android or robot but a new category called Humanic. Clever show and very enjoyable. Good sci-fi.
07/01/15 at 09:21pm

If it looks, acts, feels and thinks like a boy but is not...it is NOT a robot. It's an Android. I have to wonder who the technical advisor is on this show.
02/08/15 at 00:02am

I've been impatiently waiting for season 2. I really like this show! I'm also very upset that star-crossed was cancelled!

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