Finding Carter

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Jul 08, 2014 - Dec 15, 2015








Carter - Kathryn PrescottElizabeth - Cynthia WatrosTaylor - Anna Jacoby-HeronDavid - Alexis DenisofGrant - Zac Pullam

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A drama following a girl who discovers that the woman she knows as her mother abducted her as a child.

Carter Stevens thought she was a typical teenage girl living with her single mother. All of a sudden her world is turned upside down when a police bust at a party reveals that she was abducted by her mom when she was an infant.

Carter is now returned to the family who thought they had lost her long ago. She is introduced to new parents and a twin sister who will try to help her start over.

Carter is also now on a mission to find the woman who abducted her before the police lock up the only mother she's ever known.

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08/07/14 at 07:56pm

My husband and I have watched 4 episodes, and we love this show. Part of it is a coming-of-age story, but there is so much more. It deals with secrets, mysteries, mental health, infidelity,and the adults in this show are the ones enmeshed
In these plots. The show's emphasis on character development makes it unmissable for us.

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