Food Fighters

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Jul 22, 2014 - Sep 03, 2015




Reality / Food




Host - Adam Richman

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A reality competition series where amateur cooks test their skills against professional chefs.

We all know that every home cook has their own secret family recipe that endears their food to family and friends.

In this twist on cooking competitions, home cooks' signature dishes are put up against professional chefs who are tasked with cooking their version of the dish.

Comments (8)

alex derake
07/02/15 at 08:52pm

one of the most fake and predictable contest shows on tv a true insult to the viewers
the Doctor
07/02/15 at 04:26am

More reality rubbish oh well won.t be watching this at all
01/24/15 at 04:26pm

@Dave - even if the other commenter was dramatic you're being a little extreme as well. It doesn't matter if sane people don't kill themselves because it was suggested to them. I looked into the comments in question and the words "I doubt anyone will miss you" were used, which is just unnecessarily cruel. Casually suggesting someone kill themselves is cold and goes too far, whether it's meant literally or not.
Oh, and no, I have never told someone to jump off a bridge or anything of the sort. Suicide isn't a joke, and when people treat it like one it just makes it harder for people who need help to speak up.
With that out of the way, I think I've seen the show once before. Wasn't impressed. It seemed really fake to me. But I guess some people must have liked it.
10/27/14 at 10:51am

@Why NBC- WHY?? "...his full support and condoning of the "Thinsperation" movement"?? Get your facts straight before you rant. Adam had no idea what "thinspiration" meant (nor did I), let alone condone it. You sound awfully angry and judgmental yourself. Since you think this is a therapy session, try replacing the word "Adam" with the word "Daddy"; that will help you understand why you are so inappropriately upset over a stranger's words that weren't directed at you. The only harm Adam did was make some fat chicks mad- because sane people don't kill themselves simply because it is suggested to them. Have you ever told someone to jump off a bridge? Did you mean it literally? Seriously, get a grip.
09/23/14 at 12:21pm

I loved this show couldn't wait to watch it I would much rather watch a reality cooking show then the other stupid reality shows.
09/19/14 at 07:36pm

Dear NBC, please cancel food fighters. There are over enough competitions for cooking on the station. No one will watch anyway. I like Adam, but I am going to say no this year. NBC, do you want to broadcast Food Fighters for another season? It's all up to you.
Why NBC- WHY??
07/15/14 at 09:21am

Why is NBC giving a public forum to a "man" who promotes body hatred through "thinsperation" and demands that people that do not agree with him slice their own throats to "take a bath". Why is NBC giving this mean spirited and violent "man" a show? Why? This man, Adam Richman is not deserving of common courtesy after his degrading attacks on women, much less a show- much less a rip off of Iron Chef and all of its notable spinoffs and pointlessly extended variations. Why? Why is NBC letting this horrific and unapologetic "man", Adam Richman, an uncivilized beast with an erratic temper who condones suicide- be broadcast on your network? Travel channel has the good sense and decency to bar that "man" from their network. Why won't NBC do the same to this unrepentant, angry and malevolent little "man"?
Adam Richman is not fooling anyone- he is not the schlubby everyman, the likable doughy doof from his "Man V Food" days- he has a dark streak that stinks of selfishness, misguided righteousness, misogyny and an aura that no consequences can approach him and no matter what evil comes from his mouth- he will not pay a price.
NBC- make Adam Richman pay the price and do NOT AIR this program FOOD FIGHTERS. NBC, be the better "man". It is clearly apparent that Adam Richman does not care what harm is action cause- because he uses his action mainly to harm. And his "apology" was merely another slap in the face to his former fans and an obvious self congratulatory victory lap.
DO NOT AIR FOOD FIGHTERS WITH ADAM RICHMAN. Please, folks, be decent. No one will watch the show anyway. How could anyone stare at the screen knowing what Adam Richman thinks of women and his full support and condoning of the "Thinsperation" movement; a movement where people literally starve themselves to death.
Is that what NBC wants to broadcast? Is that good?
Please, NBC- you can rerun something else in it's place. PLease.
06/11/14 at 07:52pm

OMG, not another reality cooking show! Have lost my appetite for them a while back.

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