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Jan 10, 2014 - Apr 10, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Alan - Billy CampbellHiroshi - Hiroyuki SanadaJulia - Kyra ZagorskySergio - Mark GhanimeSarah - Jordan HayesDaniel - Meegwun FairbrotherDoreen - Catherine LemieuxPeter - Neil Napier

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A sci-fi thriller following a team of scientists who investigate a potential disease outbreak in the Arctic.

When a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control travel to a research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible outbreak of disease, they are faced with a terrifying struggle that could hold the key to mankind's salvation.

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Barry Memory
06/21/16 at 02:01am

Really enjoyed this show the first season. Couldn't wait for the second season to start and when it did I felt betrayed. WTF? They had a good thing going and threw it down the crapper.
12/21/15 at 03:32pm

This show was awesome and just like being human and warehouse 13 they canceled it for a show that they will distroy just like defiance I'm never watching syfy agen and I have loved syfy since before it was switched from sifi to syfy just so sad :(
11/10/15 at 05:35am

Can't Syfy show a series worth watching? Well, at least they are cancelling several lame series like this one. Hopefully they will show a series that is good again.
08/18/15 at 04:02pm

I was reluctant to watch this show. So I waited until all of my favorite shows were done and decided to watch this one. It was interesting in season 1, in the snow with the same building used in several other shows, (i.e Arctic Air, etc). Got to know the characters and their intentions for the season. But then Season 2 came, and everything was changed; location, characters, jobs and even the years. It was pretty hard to follow the female "sisterhood" farm with their Father, and the Mother (tree) far fetched from season 1. But I kept watching it, even though it was getting to be so far out there. Wish we would have gotten to see how they conquered it before they ended the season.
06/04/15 at 07:12am

Not surprised it bit the dust. Binge watched the first season and thought OK - Pretty good effort. Started the second season and began to think it seemed like season one all over again. Will likely see it through, but sort of feel lost. Lead characters started out as egg-head geeks from CDC somehow they morphed into global spooks - WTF? Also note many aspects of the screenplay of this series began to look like a typical SYFY ORIGINAL MOVIE (pieced together with parts found on the cutting room floor).
mike dobey
05/08/15 at 04:20pm

I am not surprised. The show was a wild ride but it got convoluted and over the top during season 2. still I will miss this show. rip.
Just Keith
12/26/14 at 06:11pm

This show popped up on Netflix. Wound up watching the entire season within a week. I'm glad it's back, but WTF!
dee dee
09/26/14 at 00:44am

Hannibal is so dark. It is shocking to see the unspeakable thoughts of someone's mind put on film in primetime or anywhere for that matter.I will be glad when it's goose is cooked ,eaten and gone,so to speak. Cancel!
dee dee
09/26/14 at 00:31am

GLAD TO READ HELIX WILL RETURN. THERE WAS A VERY FUNNY SHOW ON FRIDAY NIGHTS THAT WAS CANCELLED AFTER ONE SEASON"THE GOOD GUYS",Life,The Finder,The Glades,and many more fun and interesting programs should be picked up by some network that likes to please the fans.Thanks!
03/26/14 at 08:15pm

I love this show! It's very interesting! While I agree that you can't go out in arctic weather with just a pair of goggles and a light snow jacket, they really have an interesting story line and the episodes always leave the viewers wanting more. I watched it at first, just because there was nothing else on but I'm so glad that I did. I never watch anything on Sy-fy but I'm glad I started to watch this! Please dont cancel this show!!!

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