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Jan 10, 2014 - Apr 10, 2015




Drama / Sci-fi




Alan - Billy CampbellHiroshi - Hiroyuki SanadaJulia - Kyra ZagorskySergio - Mark GhanimeSarah - Jordan HayesDaniel - Meegwun FairbrotherDoreen - Catherine LemieuxPeter - Neil Napier

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A sci-fi thriller following a team of scientists who investigate a potential disease outbreak in the Arctic.

When a team of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control travel to a research facility in the Arctic to investigate a possible outbreak of disease, they are faced with a terrifying struggle that could hold the key to mankind's salvation.

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03/24/14 at 02:52pm

Far too many things in this show that they miss that shouldn't be missed. Hubby and I watch it for laughs. They go out into the 50 below weather and wear nothing over their faces but maybe goggles. Not believable. The story line is very interesting, but the acting is pretty bad. It is like they are all reading from teleprompters. Let this one go.
03/14/14 at 08:30pm

Love this show! How it is not another surface.
03/13/14 at 10:50am

Skeptical but watched each episode, 9 thus far. Conclusion at this time: Let this show die. It's dragging on into a senseless run-around drama and has transformed into another Zom-Bot survival flick.
Woody Goulart
03/09/14 at 01:52pm

I don't believe that any of us viewers really can trust Syfy because they cancel shows before giving them sufficient time (more than a couple of seasons) to develop a strong, loyal following. I hoped that SyFy feels a debt to Ronald D. Moore after pulling "Caprica" too soon. "Helix" needs a clearer focus if it is to be renewed. Do the produces and writers want to tell a story about immortals or an apocalyptic virus or both?
Shane McGuire
03/07/14 at 08:01pm

I had a hard time getting into the show and I watched every episode. It's lacking the substance to really keep watching in my opinion. Would be surprised to see a second season unless they try and shore up some thing to keep your attention.
02/21/14 at 08:47am

Could be interesting but way too many twist and turns up front to be sustainable. Like Alphas and Stargate Universe, so many things up front makes a story difficult to take in a solid direction for the next season. Won't be surprised if announce a season 2 and then it never comes.
Tracy seward
02/18/14 at 01:51am

I love this show. Is really good and the final episode kept you watching! Really need to see what happens next. And for all the negative comments, you don't have to watch it! Please do not cancel as left on a real cliffhanger. Have to know what happens next!
02/16/14 at 09:23pm

oh god, I hope they cancel this terrible show
02/10/14 at 03:02pm

I tried but I couldn't get on board.. I was like what am I going to give up to watch this... the answer was nothing.
01/25/14 at 05:59pm

Looks like Syfy is making an attempt to get back into the entertainment business. Save us from: Wrestling, how the (H*LL does that get to Science Fiction); , Moronic "Realty" series, and there not quite toilet worthy "Original" films. Defiance, now Helix... at this rate they might be tempted to even bring back Caprica!

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