Jennifer Falls

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Jun 04, 2014 - Aug 10, 2014


TV Land






Jennifer - Jaime PresslyMaggie - Jessica WalterDina - Missi PyleStephanie - Nora KirkpatrickWayne - Ethan SupleeGretchen - Dylan Gelula

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A comedy following a single mother forced to seek help from her family after becoming unemployed.

Jennifer Doyle is a career woman and single mother who is unexpectedly let go from her high-paying job. Because of this, she resorts to moving back in with her mother and taking a job at a bar owned by her brother while she decides how to rebuild her life.

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10/09/14 at 06:40pm

Was this show removed from Hulu plus the minute it was cancelled?i watched about 5 episodes on I'm almost positive Hulu plus but now can't find it at all. I thought it was a decent show Jamie pressly is hilarious.
10/09/14 at 00:56am

If they had tweaked the show: gotten rid of sister-in-law, give the brother a spine, have her get a new job in a different city (starting to climb back up...), etc.
ANY of those in season 2 would have made the show funnier.
As it was, it wasn't that bad, it just seem like they were trying too hard.
10/03/14 at 05:03am

to quote urban dictionary, Awesome- An adjective one uses who has a huge gap in their vocabulary.I watched the show for five minutes and heard this overused adjective at least 6 times, Sorry writers, you blew it
09/18/14 at 04:28am

I hate the way that they keep talking to the camera. They are basically playing the same characters from My Name is Earl.
08/24/14 at 06:07am

This show is too funny. I love jennifer's haircut. I can't wait to see if there is a second season.
08/20/14 at 05:42am

The only 'new' show on any network I make a point to watch. This young woman is an exceptional actress, and I find the humor understated and clever. The episode in which her daughter seems to prefer her father to her mother is amazingly touching and shows Ms. Pressley's full range. I hope TV Land keeps this on for a long time...otherwise there won't be a reason to keep my satellite service! (Except for TCM!)
Dee Gee
08/10/14 at 11:14am

This show is FABULOUS!!! I know women like Jaimie Pressly's character! Very ambitious but clueless. Jessica Walters is hilarious, as is the lady who plays the passive aggressive sister in law! This show shows the seamy side of the "superwoman" myth - I love it!
08/06/14 at 07:19pm

I do not like the show at all. Stupid plot. A woman who has had a well paying job, now a waitress who sleeps with anyone who comes along. And the ahircut- horrific.
08/02/14 at 12:22pm

This show needs a lot of work I find the actors are not believable or funny. Another flop for TV land.
07/29/14 at 05:04pm

The show is pitiful. Not funny at all. The actors have no bonding and are just not funny or believable. The written material is not entertaining to the average type of TVlanders. The actors simply are not fit for comedy and are too sophisicated for TVland. In fact all the actors have been in so many short term programs, there still identifiable in there previous roles. Keywords "Short term programs". There just not very good actors, the are not believable, they just act with no feeling It is a 2nd failure for TVland, but that is cool. Not every TVLAND show can be as great as "Hot in Cleveland" where all the actors are lovable, good acting and everyone likes them cause they have no attitude.

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