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Aug 13, 2014 - Dec 28, 2015




Drama / Crime




Martin - Sean BeanCrystal - Ali LarterTony - Morris ChestnutSonya - Amber VallettaMaggie - Tina MajorinoNelson - Steve HarrisAiden - Mason Cook

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A drama following an FBI agent able to uniquely take on the role of a different person for each job.

Martin Odum is an undercover FBI agent working for the agency's Deep Cover Operations division. His uncanny ability to transform into a completely different person for each case makes him perfect for the job.

When a mysterious stranger suggests that Martin is not the man he believes himself to be, he starts questioning his own identity.

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10/09/14 at 03:49am

Wow, what a show! If you like shows like Murder in The 1st, Red Road,Tyrant, etc., you'll like this series. It's developed through a story arc, not crime of the week like so many shows are. I admit I had my doubts at first, seemed to move too slowly, but I just finished marathon viewing of 1st season, and trust me, it was definately worth the time. The story and actors grew through each ep and definately captured your attention. Great job, writers, directors and cast! Can't wait for season 2 so we can find out just who Martin Odum really is. PLEASE renew this intriguing show!
08/29/14 at 06:20pm

I agree with LLT, about development. This show is an amalgam of Intelligence, Human Target and My Own Worst Enemy all of which I liked and were NOT given time to develop ...
08/26/14 at 06:48pm

standard cop show... nothing new or special. Each episode has a different case with a thin "first-five-minutes" and "last -five-minutes" common threaded storyline. This is schlock compared to many other TNT shows and really belongs on one of the three big networks since it's the same exact formula they use for every single one of their cop/detective shows.
08/22/14 at 08:26am

I think this will be a good show; if they will give it time to develop. Sean Bean, is always great! This weeks episode was a little slow moving; but next weeks show is going to be really good!
08/10/14 at 03:38pm

Made it throw the first 13 minutes then feel a sleep,Boring
06/30/14 at 02:36am

more feds, nay

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