Little Women: LA

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May 24, 2014 - Present






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A reality series following a group of friends who are all little people.

This docu-series chronicles the adventures of a group of girlfriends who have one unique trait in common: they are all little people. These smart and funny girls have big hearts and big personalities... and deal with even bigger drama.

Cameras follow their daily lives as they deal with relationships, parenting, careers, and friendships. Through all the laughter and crying, they share a special unbreakable bond as they prove that height is just a number.

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11/17/17 at 09:21am

This show is stupid, horrible & serves no purpose! These little people could use the show as a platform to bring awareness to descrimination, or health issues. But instead loud mouth Terra uses the show to bully people both on the show and in real life. This whole Little Women franchise is just done and done! Pull the plug! Cancel the whole franchise, shows like these make Americans look so stupid! Little women big mess!

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