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Oct 02, 2014 - Jan 01, 2018








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A comedy following a guy who relives his past encounters with women after he gets an STD.

After Dylan contracts chlamydia in his quest to find love, he must relive his past encounters as he notifies all of his former partners.

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Aethn is an idiot
08/07/17 at 10:04pm

Aethn, I don't know what you're talking about. First, TV today is better than it's ever been. Second, you're making a blanket statement about all of television based on a *description* of a show that you've never even watched. As it happens -- despite the awkwardly-worded show summary -- this is a pretty good show. It's told in a series of flashbacks (typically one per episode), which are sparked by his calling each of his past sexual partners to let them know about his STD, while in the present day suddenly realizing he has feelings for his best female friend. It's funny and it's sweet and I'm looking forward to Season 3.
11/17/16 at 02:22pm

I read the description and I can say immediately this would never make it to episode 4 on actual TV, and that is being generous. This is proof positive this is no talent or creativity left in Television. Sadly its on NetFlix and they are desperate for content so it will get an entire season at once and probably renewed.

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