Murder in the First

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Jun 09, 2014 - Sep 04, 2016




Drama / Crime




Terry - Taye DiggsHildy - Kathleen RobertsonSonia - Nicole Ari ParkerBill - Steven WeberErich - Tom FeltonLouise - Mimi KirklandDavid - Raphael SbargeJim - Ian Anthony DaleIvana - Bess Rous

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A drama following the investigation of two murders that may be related.

A pair of homicide detectives are investigating two recent murders that appear to be unrelated. They come to find, however, that both cases share a common denominator in a Silicon Valley wunderkind.

As they take a closer look, it becomes apparent that a deeper mystery may be at hand.

Comments (24)

Kay Philipp
08/18/14 at 05:11pm

Luv luv luv this show. The concept of one case for the whole season is awesome. Can't wait for season 2. Taye Diggs-----Yummy!!!
Rob Hood
08/18/14 at 07:45am

This show is great! Please renew it for at least one more season!!
08/17/14 at 08:10pm

I loved this new series.Great ensemble cast.Series first season plot captured my interest right awayZ S.Bochco, is
The best!Hope this series is renewed!
08/15/14 at 10:00am

Just watched marathon of Season 1 (don't watch new shows until all eps recorded. That way if show cancelled right away, haven't become invested in plot or characters only to be disappointed by early demise. Quirk I have) This show was absolutely one of the best I've seen lately. The amazing cast of all those great actors working together on one project was a delight for the audience. Taye Diggs still has his delicious groove thang going, Kathleen was awesome, Steven Weber always a treat, loved Ralph Sbarge since The Guardian with Simon Baker, and what can I say about Tom Felton? Malfoy, you bad boy! This young man is one hell of an actor to portray such unlikeable charactors so convincingly. And, of course, Ian Anthony Dale, love him on Hawaii 5-0 and so easy on the eyes! The one story takes you through the crime to the punishment in entertaining detail. Not rushed like usual crime shows with all in one single episode. Did want to see Blunt in prison, though, getting same treatment from inmates he so brutally imposed on his victims. But, on bright side, no lengthy, costly 2nd trial. Excellent 1st season, really hoping network smart enough to bring back for second.
08/14/14 at 04:17pm

Great show...hope a second season is scheduled. But please, no interracial romance between
Diggs and Robertson.
Karen H
08/14/14 at 08:46am

Please Please Please TNT renew this show. It was great and the outcome was fantastic. I loved it!
08/12/14 at 07:38am

please renew this show! Love it!
08/11/14 at 09:10pm

I really enjoyed this show. It was well written and the acting was great. I really enjoyed that it followed one case from start to finish. I hope it gets renewed.
Annette Ayers
07/29/14 at 10:21am

This is one of the greatest shows yet, since they took off cold case, law and order criminal intent, there are not a lot of good shows on tv, we don't need reality shows, we need more of the old shows, and this one is going to be a great one, love it and want it to stay on
07/21/14 at 08:11pm

I luv this show!!! Great acting and terrific writing!!! Def one of my faves! Please please please renew!!!

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