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Jul 29, 2014 - Sep 09, 2014








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A docuseries following child dancer Asia Monet Ray.

Seen on previous television series "Dance Moms" and "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition", as well as on YouTube, child dance sensation Asia Monet Ray is no stranger to the spotlight.

Cameras in this docuseries follow the rising star as she aims to take her dance career to the next level with the help of her family.

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12/27/16 at 09:16pm

I believe that although the content in both Asia's wardrobe and routine may be a bit sketchy, it shouldn't matter because the good outweighs the bad, and she IS a bundle of joy to watch on stage. Asia doesn't deserve to be bashed over something that she simply cannot help. The industry has its way of reconstructing a person's view of what's acceptable and what's not, and she's probably just doing everything in her power to keep people interested. This girl's got an AMAZING gift, and she'd be a fool not to advantage!
09/13/16 at 10:12pm

There is no doubt that Asia has enormous talent and it should be celebrated. However just like her manager Billy said...she is 8 YEARS OLD not 30 for God sakes.That World of Dance production WAS so inappropriate!!! Why don't her PARENTS just put her on a street corner??? Kristie is just a complete lunatic, all she does is yell, bitch and complain. She makes EVERYONE around her nuts! She's only out for HERSELF. She's using Asia as a meal ticket. She's a control freak and Sean has NO control at all. He always looks lost like he's just trying to keep up. All along BEAUTIFUL little Bella is barely a shadow. HELLO!!! you have 2 little girls and they should be nurtured as such. Childhood is such a fleeting time in life and Asia is missing it all because her Mother is PROSTITUTING her. Her costumes and ADULT THEMED performances are a disgusting disgrace designed to thrust her into the spotlight based on shock value, rather than Asia's talents. It's also turning Asia into a conceited little snot like her stiletto hoarding mother. This show should be cancelled IMMEDIATELY not supported. Come on LIFETIME....I can not believe you would attach your name to this juvenile SMUT peddling show.
07/07/16 at 04:03am

I love raising Asia and both girls are awesome
07/07/16 at 03:54am

Why is it no more playing on Lifetime show
04/20/16 at 04:42pm

I hope both girls are living a normal life
04/14/16 at 12:51pm

I think they need to put the show back on.don't nobody that walk this earth have more talent than the black man or women.we out shine all these other nations.with our talent.you name and we will out shine them.God said we are the salt of the earth,and without the salt the earth has no flavor.my people make this earth what it is.
04/14/16 at 12:34pm

Karla you are a dum ass.for making a comment like that about asia.for Asia to be so young with this much talent when she get older she will be better than Beyonce.to me Beyonce is over rated.people look up to Beyonce like she a God.
Jasmine Rathers
03/07/16 at 06:07pm

I loved raising asia I wasvery mad they didn't make another season!I keep watching the same season over and over agian becuase I love the show so much. Please come back asia
Freda stevens
03/06/16 at 03:47pm

I loved the show, Asia is a triple threat. I feel that her parents are doing a great job raising their children.
Gaysee Davis
02/25/16 at 09:21am

First of all asia does have talent but her parents are taking her talent to a whole different level,beyonce is her own and you would want to raise your child to be her or his own with their own talents and not to be like someone else. Plus look what they have asia wear, shes a lil girl not a big woman, then have her practice with grown men, are you serious. What her parents need to do is let her be a lil girl and enjoy her childhood instead of raising her to be a grown person, they can still let her show her talent but do it the right way. It is too much crazyness,danger,hate and lots of other ungodlyness going on in this world, you dont have to expliot your child in that fashion to show the world her talents.

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