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Jul 17, 2014 - Sep 18, 2014


Drama / Medical




Rush - Tom EllisEve - Sarah HabelSarah - Odette Annable

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A drama following a medical fixer who charges a high price for his discretion.

Dr. William Rush is a hard-partying doctor who does freelance work for those who require a discreet approach. This comes with a hefty price for those interested in his services, which include almost anything - if the price is right.

When an old flame comes back into the picture, it might be enough for him to rethink the type of work he gets involved in.

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10/14/14 at 07:41am

Although there is nothing to gain from watching this, it is entertaining and is original.
10/03/14 at 03:09am

that suck, Rush was a really good show
Richard J. Blanco
09/25/14 at 12:12pm

Enjoy the show can't wait for next season
09/20/14 at 09:51pm

I Love The show, I'm waiting to find out what happens wit larenz Tate marriage, it's interesting I also love. "Rake" and Black Box_!!
09/10/14 at 09:56pm

I really wasn't thrilled with this show. Rush is Soooo...into drugs & alcohol & charging tons of money for questionable "patients"! When does he ever really sleep...? Oh, that's right, he takes drugs for that too! I agree with "Synik" & "monk_juice. It's selfish, morally deficient & lacks humor & yes, I too bet there are Dr.'s like this in Hollywood. I think M. Jackson had one. And one more thing...he seems to be fast & furious with the women but he is by no means another Tom Selleck.
07/25/14 at 01:40pm

I dislike this show; it's trying to be a medical version of the Australian "Rake", but without any of the redeeming traits Rake had. Selfish, morally deficient, and lacking in any humor or irony whatsoever. Can it.
06/30/14 at 02:42am

seems like another show on hbo, I bet there are a ton of people like this doctor in Hollywood

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