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Jul 17, 2014 - Sep 18, 2014


Drama / Medical




Rush - Tom EllisEve - Sarah HabelSarah - Odette Annable

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A drama following a medical fixer who charges a high price for his discretion.

Dr. William Rush is a hard-partying doctor who does freelance work for those who require a discreet approach. This comes with a hefty price for those interested in his services, which include almost anything - if the price is right.

When an old flame comes back into the picture, it might be enough for him to rethink the type of work he gets involved in.

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Rosemary Bethea
08/29/15 at 06:26am

this was a really good show. Different....sad that it was cancelled. Told everyone I knew to check it out.
08/23/15 at 09:23pm

Rush was a great show, he lived on the edge but always seemed to get the job done as a doctor. Rush and Satisfaction were the only two shows on USA that watched.
08/17/15 at 12:02pm

Bring back RUSH>.. This show is orginal and well written. The cast is excellent and the stories are awesome.
Denise Winkler
08/12/15 at 10:27pm

I really loved Rush. Not many shows kept my interest. You never knew what was going to happen next. Aside from his vice he had morals and compassion. I don't like not knowing what happened next.
07/09/15 at 00:41am

Just finished watching the show. Struggled with the drug side of it at first then became compassionate about his reasons for hiding in the haze of happiness. Stunned and disappointed about cancellation. Really could have gone on for a little while longer.
Cydney Chamorro
04/24/15 at 03:10am

I'm really disgusted that this show was cancelled! I thought the premise was original, the characters were well developed, and the storylines were entertaining. Given this, WHY cancel it? Because the USA network is an affiliate of NBC Universal, that's why! And NBC, in case you haven't noticed, cancels good, quality television shows before they've even had a chance to develop a viewing audience!!! They do this constantly. Certainly enough to make me REFUSE to get enticed into ANY NBC show in the near future!!! Don't be fooled into watching a show from the NBC network! You're gonna end up enjoying the show, only to suffer the disappointment and frustration when their stupid axe falls on it!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!
02/21/15 at 05:35pm

USA, in my opinion led the other stations in quality shows. I really hate to see that they cancelled Rush.
11/01/14 at 08:24pm

OH, THAT'S TOO BAD. I really did like the show ... too bad it is CXLD
10/22/14 at 06:28am

i really love this show and see all the possibilities. Wish it could continue gonna miss it.
10/16/14 at 05:58pm

I love this show!! :( That sucks that it got cancelled. That was a good show!!

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