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Feb 17, 2014 - May 12, 2014


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi




Emery - Aimee TeegardenRoman - Matt LanterGrayson - Grey DamonTaylor - Natalie HallJulia - Malese JowLukas - Titus Makin Jr.Teri - Chelsea GilliganDrake - Greg Finley

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A drama following the love between a human girl and an alien boy.

When Emery was 6 years old, an alien spacecraft crashed in her town. It carried a species known as Atrians, and a ferocious battle ensued between the humans and aliens.

In the midst of the war a 6-year-old Atrian boy, named Roman, came across Emery's house. She protected him and fed him - and even became his friend. During this time they forged a deep bond, but Roman was eventually captured by the authorities and believed to have been killed.

10 years later, the Atrians are still on Earth but are interned in a heavily-guarded camp known as the Sector. Now, for the first time, a group of Atrian teens will enroll in high school, with the goal of testing the integration of humans and alien species.

Emery discovers that Roman is actually not dead, and is one of the Atrian students. They rekindle their childhood bond, but their relationship is threatened by tension between the two communities.

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04/22/19 at 11:13am

I really enjoyed this show. It was different and I really hope it comes back.
07/18/16 at 05:01am

This show is wonderful. Couldn't believe that the CW cancelled this show. This show depicts what's going on in the world today. These Atrians and humans fight to learn more about each other and to get along. They learn to trust each other and to love each other. That's our world right now. So you cancell something that made people think and started conversations. You suck CW.
Bernice Caver
07/18/16 at 04:53am

Just saw this show on Netflix. Was so disappointed to find that this was a CW show and that it got cancelled. I was searching for new episodes and was heart broken to find out there aren't any. Why end the show like that? At least give it a chance. Never heard anything about this show. Now that I've seen it I want more. I wish another network or cable would pick it up. It's a good show. Sorry you did that. Makes me not watch your network.
05/25/15 at 00:42am

The show was only "ok" it wasn't really that great. I enjoyed it, yes, however The Vampire Diaries is a way better show; Vampires are the "in thing" and have always been a go-to favorite so it was no surprise that TVD went on and this one didn't. Sorry guys, it just didn't hit the mark, same goes for a lot of shows out there..example, The Tomorrow People... It had potential but just didn't make it. This is how the story goes. :(
05/17/15 at 01:02pm

Stupid vampire diaries is still going but this got the can? Did you try giving it more publicity? A different night? I love this wish it would come back. Sexy cast! Good story. Please reconsider!?! I May stop starting new shows with the CW. they keep the Crap but lose the good stuff.
04/23/15 at 08:52am

I can't believe the network cancelled a show leaving people hanging on the cliffhanger like that. Sheesh. I loved Star Crossed. I loved Roswell and that was cancelled prematurely. Stop with the cancelling without tying up the loose ends! I won't watch the shows on your network anymore if you do that. It's like reading a book up to the plots climax and then finding that the pages with the "who dunnit" is missing. Stop it already.
03/12/15 at 03:59pm

You've destroyed my life
02/02/15 at 11:40am

This was one of mine and my sons favourite shows. We loved it!!! I cannot believe that yet ANOTHER series which we think is great, is cancelled!
They didn't even finish the story! I wish Syfy would pick it up - we need it back! We want to know what happens next.
Come on - give us some decent shows to watch. Put Revelation back on while you're at it too.
11/21/14 at 03:50am

I loved this show!! I am so tired of the same old shows. I enjoyed this because it was different. I swear I am going to quit watching shows and getting hooked on them to only find out they get cancelled after one season.
09/08/14 at 10:52pm

This really sucks thta you canceled this show. It was one of the best I have seen. It was a good family show that had morals behind it. Of course TV doesnt want that... they want the smut that sells... maybe they should stand up for themselves and bring it back and show other channels that sometimes it's not all about Ratings. Try changing the day or time before you jump to cancel. Seems like alot of people DO like the show !!!

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