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Mar 19, 2014 - Sep 30, 2020


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi




Clarke - Eliza TaylorAbby - Paige TurcoFinn - Thomas McDonellWells - Eli GoreeOctavia - Marie AvgeropoulosBellamy - Bob MorleyCece - Kelly HuMonty - Christopher LarkinJasper - Devon BostickJaha - Isaiah WashingtonKane - Henry Ian Cusick

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A futuristic drama following juvenile prisoners sent back to a decimated Earth after it was destroyed by nuclear war.

97 years ago the Earth was decimated by nuclear Armageddon. The 400 remaining survivors took to 12 International space stations, where they repopulated their numbers over three generations.

With resources now running out, the 12 stations link together in order to keep the survivors alive. Population control measures are put into place as the leaders take all steps necessary to ensure their future. Part of this action includes secretly exiling 100 young prisoners back to Earth as a test to determine whether or not the planet is habitable.

For these 100 youths, Earth is full of mysteries that can be wondrous one moment and deadly the next. The survival of the human race is in their hands, and they must find a way to work together and forge a new path for mankind.

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02/08/16 at 07:51am

This show is getting better and better. I kind of feel the JaHa/ city of light interest fell short from what I was expecting last season, but it might turn out to be an angle I'm glad they kept to the show.
01/08/16 at 10:04pm

Great show...keep it going! We can't stop watching - we watched all season one last weekend and tonight watched 9 episodes of Season two. Can't wait to see what's next!
01/05/16 at 12:40pm

I can't see anyone tolerating commercials when for 33 cents a day one doesn't even have to skip commercials, like when the show is recorded. I don't even have to have an antenna anymore, and I miss very little. It's a small thing to get quality shows like The 100 and hundreds of others for 33 cents a day, People blow that on a cup of fancy coffee. I'm eagerly anticipating the Season start, the City of Light was a real cliffhanger.
12/25/15 at 02:58pm

I cannot understand anyone paying netflix for that which is Free.
Any regular subscription is a SHAM
11/06/14 at 02:02pm

This is becoming my favorite show.
Season 2 has been awesome.
Karen M
10/25/14 at 01:31am

I missed it last season so I caught up on Netflix. I love this show. It is not only for teens, I am 60. This shows the worst and best in humans under unimaginably horrible conditions. It reminds me that here in America we are so blessed to still have the freedom and luxury of choosing our morals, that we didn't have to put our lives on the line for. This show keeps me on the edge wondering what would I do in that situation, when all choices are dark ones and which is the least bad one. There's so many exciting and interesting situations and factions of people that all have their own moral dilemmas, cultures and ideas of what is acceptable to do to survive. How we need people on both sides of moral issues to decide should we die fighting for our lives? or die trying to make peace, even if the enemy doesn't want peace? So, is it more immoral to kill to prevent your freedoms and lives from being taken away? or is it more immoral to allow yourself to be taken as a slave? Real life dilemmas people face today about the human condition. You need to watch a few episodes to really be able to tell if you like the show.
09/13/14 at 12:46pm

Matt, you must have missed it or did not watch it all. the reason they know so much for growing up on a space station is they were taught it as stated in the show. "You were top of the class in" such and such subject, really it was well known for people on the arc that they would return to earth one day. If in real life this situation happened all persons would be educated in how to survive if & when they returned to earth. And that's what happened in the show it may have not been shown on the show but again it is mentioned a few different times when they were faced with solving problems. "Didn't so & so get the best grades on this subject?" Yeah lets go ask him/her for help, they will know what to do. Now for my thoughts. Suspenseful, action filled with drama as well. I think it takes a realistic look at what may happen if something like this occurred for real. I like this show. Rumi's take that characters are ugly, selfish, & lacking in hope or dignity. could not be further from the truth. Just as in real life there are good & bad people all over, some people are selfish while some are not (in the show its the same some characters are selfish some are not)when they risk their lives to rescue some of their own people, selfish would be not rescuing the person, and some are rescued by those that don't like them. Lincoln being stopped from getting beaten more and eventually Lincoln was freed (secretly), is the very definition of dignity. As for hope all people can lose hope from time to time. But they showed that they had hope on several occassions (some showed they lost hope at times), They prepared for & battled the grounders,having No hope would have been doing nothing waiting for the grounders to kill them or just running away. Not trying to survive at all after they landed would be no hope,but they built a camp scavenged for food. And the lord of flies scenario that began to take place at first, was thwarted because of those who stood up and stated we need to look for food build shelters for when the others from the arc get here (hope). There will be no fighting and killing each-other, everyone will help (dignity). Rami I believe you being 12, that you have not experienced enough (if any)hard times in life that you are failing to see the factual elements in this show. People tend to lose some hope when bad things keep happening to them and nothing seems to go right. A person with no hope gives up does not fight, and just rolls over and dies.
07/28/14 at 08:31pm

I watched a few episodes ... don't like it. 100 young megloegonymphomaniacs, how far can anyone go with that ...2 seasons I say ... good luck CW, good luck ...
07/25/14 at 06:55am

I'm 12 and think -this is all humanity has left to offer? Humanity deserves to wither and fade into extinction. There is nothing remediable about these characters -ugly, selfish, lacking in hope and dignity. All foolishly floored -the species should be left to wonder around in the darkness :)
06/28/14 at 04:04pm

I watched all episodes on Hulu plus and I love it I was nervous about season two so I found this website and I am happy the finally is so sad

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