The Red Road

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Feb 27, 2014 - May 07, 2015








Harold - Martin HendersonPhillip - Jason MomoaJean - Julianne NicholsonMarie - Tamara TunieJunior - Kiowa GordonRachel - Allie GoninoKate - Annalise BassoJack - Tom Sizemore

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A drama following a cop who partners with an ex-con to deal with two warring towns.

Harold Jensen is a police officer trying to hold his family together after a cover-up involving his mentally unstable wife, who is a recovering alcoholic.

He finds himself partnering with a dangerous ex-con named Phillip Kopus. Phillip is a member of the Ramapough Mountain Indian tribe, who live in an area bordering the town of Walpole, New Jersey.

Lines will be crossed when tragedy forces the two men to face the secrets of their past, causing both their lives to unravel.

Comments (9)

08/01/21 at 11:41am

Holy crap, just watched this on AMC+... did it really end after 6 episodes on season 2? This was so good. Why the heck was it cancelled?
g dub
03/28/16 at 00:43am

I also love this show. Mamoa and Henderson are terrific as well as the entire supporting cast.
02/01/16 at 01:05pm

I hope this show will continue . It plays on all of your emotions and helps you see why backgrounds effects human behavior. Great show.
01/25/16 at 02:09pm

I hope that Netflix does pick this show up. I love it and hate to see it go.
01/15/16 at 10:55am

It would be great if Netflix picked this one up! I bet that I could guess where the story line would have gone for S3. Chief Marie would die. And Phillip would have a small following, after the discovery of Levis involvement in Macs death, that would like to see him become the new chief. The Lenape would move forward with a lawsuit against the town. The relationship between Jean and Rachel would continue to be strained while they keep the secret of Davids final moments before his death from Harold. Eventually leading to Rachel "running away" and staying with Junior.
01/08/16 at 08:10am

love this show! Totally awesome! Jason momma is a terrific actor been a fan since SG-A!!! The scene at the end had me in tears ! He s emotions just flowed to me!!!! Please don't cancel this show!!!!!
12/29/15 at 08:00pm

I love this show. Please don't cancel.
05/10/15 at 07:21am

Why only 6 episodes a year? This is a great show! Too short a season and too long to wait for more!
04/09/15 at 09:00am

This just might be the best show ever that no one knows about. Martin Henderson is great as Harold Jensen. And Jason Momoa is...well, he's Jason Momoa. Nothing else needs to be said about that. I wish there were more episodes in a season. It goes by too fast with such a long wait between seasons.

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