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May 27, 2014 - Aug 12, 2014




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A topical comedy show that explores and celebrates science fiction entertainment.

In each half-hour episode of this topical comedy series, actor and champion of geek culture, Wil Wheaton, shares his opinion on science fiction and pop culture.

Wil gives an insider's point of view, along with his witty comedy and genre expertise, as he dissects popular and trending topics in realms including science fiction film, television, video games, and viral videos.

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micheal dobey
01/16/15 at 05:27pm

well, I wanted a show that was not a comedy. I was hoping for a show where he had lots of sci fi fan type of info and then had guests on etc. what we got was him doing standup and no real info about sci fi shows.
Time Travel
10/28/14 at 10:35pm

This show was an exact copy and paste of Tosh.0 with a subtle sci-fi attempted twist, didn't work. To be fair I'm not a fan of Tosh.0 and wish it was cancelled, and also to be fair Tosh.0 is just a ripoff of The Soup with a subtle viral video attempted twist, so it comes off as an edgy America's Funnies Videos, a genre of tv show for the dumb and dumber, so even the earliest versions of this show I was never a fan of, the xerox copies I'm not a fan of and any fragmented tangents I'm not a fan of and hope all get cancelled.
I was at SDCC 2014 when Wil was at the Geek & Sundry panel for a few minutes and people clapped when he mentioned his show but those people are the same that would clap if shown a screenshot of a recent commercial they've been brainwashed by so not the smartest crowd, I would be more supportive but I've found Wil to be a mediocre actor who thinks he's the center of the universe based on his tweets and hopefully this will knock him down a few pegs to get him to realize he isn't Leonardo DiCaprio.
09/17/14 at 12:03pm

Way to go SciFi -- cancel your one good show that isn't a sharknado or other trainwreck of a money-wasting movie!
08/21/14 at 06:27am

Great job Wil, can't wait to see another show. Don't drink milk while watching this show or it will come out your nose. Hope that it doesn't become SyFy-icide.
08/19/14 at 09:49pm

We love this show! There hasn't been an episode that didn't leave us laughing and talking about it the rest of the week!
08/13/14 at 02:34pm

Love the show, as a fan of Geek & Sundry, Tabletop, and TBBT, it's great to see Wil doing his own thing again. While it may not be comedy gold I still tune in every week, because I truly appreciate the show. Please renew it SyFy!
08/12/14 at 10:36pm

This is a great show, bravo SyFy. A great comedy show especially for geeks and nerds.
07/15/14 at 02:30pm

Love Wheaton....funny and irreverent, hope this show gets renewed for at least ten years more. Way to go, Will!
06/25/14 at 07:41pm

This show is funny in an appropriately geeky, nerdy way. Wil Wheaton is clever, funny even irreverent at times. Great job SyFy!

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