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May 29, 2014 - Jan 29, 2016








Danny - Chris D'EliaJustin - Brent MorinShelly - Ron FunchesBurski - Rick GlassmanBrett - David FynnLeslie - Bianca Kajlich

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A comedy following a group of friends who are so close but yet so far from finding a relationship.

Danny is an attractive guy in his late 20's who decides to help out his new roommate Justin and his oddball group of friends in the world of dating.

Danny introduces them all to his newly-divorced sister Leslie, who becomes fast friends with the guys. The group ends up spending most of their time at the bar Justin owns, helping work out each other's problems over drinks.

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05/15/17 at 07:17pm

This show was very funny and enjoyable... Until they went LIVE. I knew within the first two episodes that aired live that they just killed their show. To me it was obvious they would be cancelled. The humor that once flowed well was stiffled by poor timing and laughing through their lines. It was painful to watch, so I stopped. I believe it was a tragic decision on their end. Had they not gone live they probably would have been renewed. Shame!
11/05/16 at 04:05am

I'm not going to lie, but this show starting to not get funny when the character started to laugh at their own jokes.. even tho the joke not even funny..ps that's y I stop watching it because the ncye can't act and always laugh at his own joke and duck up the show....I think for this show to survive is to have somebody els take his room... period he is a bad acter
07/07/16 at 09:50pm

It was a funny show. The characters were mediocre comedians though fighting for the best lines I thought. Also it could have used more locations than always the bar or upstairs from the bar. It also needed some bigger bands and maybe more advertising. Oh well
06/19/16 at 04:38pm

This should be a no brainer for TBS. (or netflix) It's a Doozer production and TBS picked up the last UNDERRATED Doozer show Cougar Town and got a few more productive years our of it. Undateable is a NEWER show (hasn't ran as long) so it still has even MORE potential to continue being THE BEST COMEDY ON TV.....of it's quirky type of course. I'm not claiming it's better than BBT or other more established shows...
Couch Potato
06/02/16 at 07:54pm

Whitney was better and more relatable it was canceled. So it was only a matter of time.
05/24/16 at 02:27pm

Are you guys serious? CANCELED? This was best comedy show since Friends. I cannot believe it... I'm very sad now.
Michael Gonzalez
05/16/16 at 03:29am

I really hope another Network picks up this show... NBC is to stupid to realize when they have a good thing going... This was literally the only show I watched on NBC... But the are probably not sad to see me or other TV Fans go...!!! I already miss Baby Bird...!!!
05/15/16 at 10:40pm

This is one of the best shows on tv, definitely worth renewing. The only funny, smart, unique, well written and well acted sit com on tv. I was so looking forward to the next season. I will no longer watch any show on nbc if this one gets canceled.
05/15/16 at 12:18pm

Why nbc...WHY!
05/13/16 at 02:18pm

I've loved Chris D'Elia since Whitney...there was a scene where he was drunk that made me laugh so hard I gave myself a headache. And the supporting cast in Undateable had amazing chemistry. If they would've gotten rid of that overacting, too-much-singing, off-Broadway-wannabe Brent Morin the show would've been perfect. And switching it to Live only made him more obnoxious and annoying. Here's to hoping Chris D'Elia gets another show!

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