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May 20, 2015 - Jun 01, 2016






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A game show where contestants try to answer 500 questions without 3 incorrect answers in a row.

The smartest people in the country try to achieve an extremely difficult task of answering 500 challenging general knowledge questions. In order to keep going, they can never get three wrong answers in a row. There are no saves, no lifelines, and no multiple choice questions in this ultimate test that requires intellect, strategy and stamina.

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03/21/17 at 03:19pm

The show would have done better on a different network. ABC has all stupid shows.
12/07/16 at 07:53am

There won't be a third season.
07/31/16 at 10:24pm

Of all the recent quiz shows, this is my favorite. I especially liked the format changes, involving only battle rounds and the addition of the speed round. However, I do have some major issues with it.
First, they need to make it a weekly show instead of a one-week blitz. As it stands, the only contestant who stands any chance of making it to five hundred questions is the first one. Anyone who comes after doesn't have enough time before the end of the week.
Second, reduce the number to three hundred. That's still a lot of questions for one person to answer: high enough to be challenging, but realistic enough to be attainable by the right person.
Otherwise, keep up the good work. Looking forward to next year.

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