7 Little Johnstons

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Mar 31, 2015 - Present






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A reality series following a family of Achondroplasia dwarfs.

The seven members of the Johnston family are the world's largest known family of Achondroplasia dwarfs. Cameras in this reality series capture the ups and downs in all their lives as they prove that size only matters in the amount of love they have for each other.

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08/16/22 at 02:41pm

YAY!!!!!!!!!! 12 seasons later and they're still rolling :)
01/26/21 at 08:23am

Cathy...Change the channel. They're just joking. There are way more immoral shows out there that you can cry about and THIS is what you're crying about. It's no wonder you're a lonely angry virgin.
12/14/18 at 07:10am

I wished they would be cancelled. This is supposed to be a family show. But the mom and dad are always talking about having sex. And they do it in such a nasty way. They always act like they are horny. So sad!
11/16/17 at 01:17pm

hope 7 little Johnstons. r not cancelled favorite show
11/14/17 at 08:11pm

Aww, I just found this show n wondered what happened? I love this show bc it's a visual educational show. I am a grandma n have watched the show with them. They r full of questions regarding their diversity n their family. We r proud Native Americans n it's a great tool for them as compassion starts at home please don't cancel. I just found this show. Boo if you cancel. At least this show wasn't vulgar or10+ kids. Thank you.
Danita Hall
11/07/17 at 05:53pm

I want more and more of the Johnstons
11/05/17 at 07:44pm

I love the show great sense of humor . Love it don't cancel it
Carol matthews
08/11/17 at 08:23am

I love to watch 7 little Johnsons. Don't cancel the show.
07/12/17 at 04:58pm

Love this show don?t cancelled the show.
Marie Maberry
07/04/17 at 07:17pm

Oh no! Please don't cancel this show! Really nice couple in this world.

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