A.D.: The Bible Continues

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Apr 05, 2015 - Jun 21, 2015








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A miniseries sequel to 2013's The Bible.

Taking place after the events of The Bible miniseries, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus begin this telling of the first ten chapters of the Book of Acts.

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Christian Lawman
08/08/18 at 12:06pm

I enjoyed this series from beginning to end, regardless of how folks feel about Christianity or religion in general. Alot of their hatred of religion comes out from too much hyperbole in the mainstream media, public education and mainstream churches who have abandoned the true Gospel in favor of social "justice", and religion that is easy on their conscience. As a Christian I find the Word of God to be refreshing and educational. As a private lawman (aka, private badge) I can do my job much better. Never mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness.
Loretta Boykin
05/17/17 at 04:26pm

It really reveals how the some people in this country feel about religion!!! A sad state of affairs when we cancel such powerful programming as this. Hope to see it return.
06/20/16 at 05:38am

So glad this ended!!
All religion should be eradicated and wiped out. Until that happens, the human race will never realize our full potential. Religion is a barrier to world progress. It is a cancer that holds us back and I have no doubt that science is capable of leading the way from here.
That includes ALL RELIGIONS! Not just Islam or Christianity.
Besides, contrary to what most christians believe, Christianity and Islam are nearly the exact same thing!
They both oppress women.
They both promote hatred to the LGBT community.
Both were founded around the same time period.
Both are considered abrahamic religions.
Both condemn premarital sex, eating certain foods, and consuming alcohol.
Both condemn pornography and masturbation.
Seriously, Christianity and Islam are two of the most paralell religions that even exist.
04/02/16 at 04:35pm

I am so disappointed in NBC. It was a mistake to cancel this series. I see clearly now.....people could care less about what God did for us by sacrificing his only begotten son. You hollywood people are just about making money and it is sad. I pray for you all . There will come a time when you will have to answer to God and his son Jesus and what will be your excuse for not giving people a chance to learn more about the bible. Some people understand things better visually. This would of been a great thing if you had of just continued the series. I enjoyed it immensely and I thought "these are good people" (NBC) it made me want to be loyal to NBC but not anymore I am done with your network.
Leon Pearson
12/26/15 at 05:07pm

I agree with all the comments stated in this sections. I got so much enjoyment from watching this series. My eyes aren't very good any more, I have glaucoma, and the words in the Bible are just to small for me to read. I just can't explained to you how good my inside felt after watching this program, for days afterward I would revisited scenes in my mind that I had watched a couple of days earlier. So pleased try to renew this show. Thank you
Joyce Richard
11/30/15 at 11:50am

Loved the show and sorry to see it cancelled. Think you made a mistake here!
09/16/15 at 01:55pm

I agree, this was a GREAT show! It made pick up my Bible to learn more! Shame on you, NBC!
09/11/15 at 09:48pm

This show was NOT concluded. The producers were in the midst of working on another season when NBC chose not to renew it, and they are looking at relaunching it on their own online network sometime in 2016.
Rob Dale Ball
08/22/15 at 01:19am

This show deserves to be renewed for another season NBC. It was as good if bot better than a lot of the drama series on T.V. today. The producers have a lot of material yet to delve into!
Linda Bacher
07/09/15 at 06:40am

Why would you cancel a GREAT SHOW like this? I Look forward to watching this show every week as I'm sure many christians did. Is another network going to pick up this beautiful show? Maybe the history channel or A&E Please bring this wonderfull show back! OR the UP channel i surely hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was learning alot from this show. thank you Linda Bacher

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