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Feb 05, 2015 - Mar 05, 2015








Alex - Gavin StenhouseMark - Scott CohenKatya - Hope DavisSam - Kenneth ChoiNatalie - Margarita Levieva

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A drama following an idealistic CIA analyst who discovers that his parents are Russian spies.

Alex O'Connor is a young CIA analyst who specializes in Russian affairs. He has a close relationship with his parents Mark and Katya, until a shocking secret is revealed that they are actually covert Russian spies. They have been inactive for decades but are now being re-enlisted by the Kremlin in a terrorist plot on U.S. soil.

Many years ago, the KGB tasked Russian-born Katya to recruit American businessman Mark O'Connor as a spy and the two ended up falling in love. A deal was made that allowed Katya to marry Mark and move to America as long as she remained a Russian asset. Now, years after building a life in America, Russia tasks Katya with turning Alex into a spy.

These parents now must choose between their country or their family.

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03/22/15 at 07:56pm

Canceled??????????? I am a retired American living in Philippines and load my TV shows off the net. Just now I got EP 6 and 7 of allegiance, so who is putting it here for us to see. Seems stupid not to keep show on the air if you already paid to make them. I found the show to be a b+ so put it in a different time slot, it is better than a cooking or reality show to watch. The network Mucky Mucks must still be smoking their medical medicine.
03/15/15 at 11:06am

I liked this show! It was a goo follow up to Blacklist! I hope NBC releases the rest of series or another network picks it up!
GM Rockin
03/12/15 at 08:24pm

But why end a show before it ends one season leaving us all hanging? We're they getting too close to some real top secret senario? 👮
Tom F
03/09/15 at 04:10pm

@David Wood...You are the reason there are 4 NCIS's, 7 CSI's & 16 Law & Order's. Don't watch knock off's. These network executives need to try to have an original idea.
03/06/15 at 02:32pm

Well they cancelled this shit lol Never watched it
02/23/15 at 09:20am

Pretty lame show - pilot plot and storyline wasn't great. It is poorly written, poorly acted compared to The Americans which is skillfully written and well acted with sharp storylines and believable characters. It's an obvious attempt to jump on the ratings coat tails of the Americans.
David Wood
02/08/15 at 05:04pm

I don't mind copycat as long as it's good.
The pilot was OK, especially young Alex with his weird abilities. Depends now on how the writers go with this.
Jahoppa Stoppa
02/05/15 at 09:53am

I agree looks like a cheesy rip off of "The Americans" with worse accents...Pass
12/21/14 at 08:42am

"the Americans" copycat series???

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