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Feb 05, 2015 - Mar 05, 2015








Alex - Gavin StenhouseMark - Scott CohenKatya - Hope DavisSam - Kenneth ChoiNatalie - Margarita Levieva

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A drama following an idealistic CIA analyst who discovers that his parents are Russian spies.

Alex O'Connor is a young CIA analyst who specializes in Russian affairs. He has a close relationship with his parents Mark and Katya, until a shocking secret is revealed that they are actually covert Russian spies. They have been inactive for decades but are now being re-enlisted by the Kremlin in a terrorist plot on U.S. soil.

Many years ago, the KGB tasked Russian-born Katya to recruit American businessman Mark O'Connor as a spy and the two ended up falling in love. A deal was made that allowed Katya to marry Mark and move to America as long as she remained a Russian asset. Now, years after building a life in America, Russia tasks Katya with turning Alex into a spy.

These parents now must choose between their country or their family.

Comments (19)

06/21/16 at 09:06am

This was a good show , but Alex " the lead" for some reason, is horrible and killed the show.
J. Frimpong Sydenstricker
09/15/15 at 08:14am

Much as I like Hope Davis, this half-baked ripoff of The Americans couldn't die fast enough to satisfy me.
05/24/15 at 11:43am

Such a good show. Was able to see all 13 episodes on demand. I really enjoyed, maybe they will sell to USA.
05/19/15 at 06:53am

I cannot believe this great show was cancelled!!!
diane s.
05/10/15 at 08:54pm

I can't believe this amazing show is being cancelled! This is the best show since 24! What is the network thinking?
Cydney Chamorro
04/24/15 at 02:48am

Well NBC strikes AGAIN!!!! What more needs to be said about this idiotic network? THEY HAVE NO LOYALTY TO THEIR VIEWERS!!! This is and yet another shining example where they hardly give a show enough time to even BUILD an audience! Did we actually get 5 episodes to watch? Barely.
Sure, this show was close to being another along the lines of "The Americans", but we will never know the true potential of this show SINCE NBC CANCELLED THIS SHOW! Why not at least air all of the episodes in the can? I'll tell you why not....NBC.
Need I say more? Nah...they don't give a hoot what the viewers think.
04/13/15 at 03:59pm

This is a great show, I hope someone else picks it up. I hate that they put horrible other shows out there and keep them but kill the really great dramas.
03/29/15 at 05:59am

Just watched 6/7/and 8 EPS can not understand why it was not successful. I am a TV junky and this show seemed to have what it takes. The new CSI Cyber just does not seem to click with me. Not happy with some of the cast seems to be batched together , not very believable.
I to hope another network has the good sense to pick it up. But for now TorrentDay has the series.
03/24/15 at 12:44pm

I too loved this show. I hope another network picks it up.
I hope they never stop NCIS, Law & order SVU, Major Crimes. I love watching these every season.
03/22/15 at 07:58pm

You can find this show on plus any show you may have missed on the air from America Canada, new zeland, Britain and Australia.

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