American Odyssey

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Apr 05, 2015 - Jun 28, 2015




Drama / Action




Odelle - Anna FrielPeter - Peter FacinelliHarrison - Jake RobinsonRon - Jim True-FrostBob - Nate Mooney

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An action drama following three strangers whose lives collide in an international conspiracy.

Sergeant Odelle Ballard is a soldier, wife, and mother - as well as her unit's only female member. While fighting jihadists in North Africa, she discovers computer files that prove a major U.S. corporation is funding jihadists, only to have her team attacked and killed before she can tell anybody. The story is that Odelle's entire unit was wiped out by the militants, but in truth she survived the attack and knows that her team's assassins were private military contractors known as Osela.

While Odelle fights to survive and find her way back home, New York corporate litigator Peter Decker is in the middle of a merger with the same company that funded the jihadists. He is starting to notice that the company is corrupt and possibly involved in terrorist activity.

At the same time, a political activist named Harrison Walters meets hacker Bob Offer, who claims to have uncovered a military-industrial-complex conspiracy - the same cover-up that Odelle discovered, which is set to become a national headline with serious implications.

The only way these three strangers will ever save their country is by joining forces and exposing the truth.

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Ken in Las Vegas
07/17/15 at 10:49pm

There is a possibility that this show was cancelled because the story line was a little bit too close to the truth. After all, we don't want all of the ignorant brainwashed masses to actually start *thinking* for themselves, do we? [Search YouTube for president Eisenhower's farewell address to the nation, and *listen* to it]...
07/07/15 at 11:18am

this is why I don't start watching new shows on NBC, everytime I start getting into it they cancel it. So sick of reality shows honestly!!!
Mike F
06/30/15 at 04:55am

I am really curious where a 2nd season could possibly go? Did the writers "paint" themselves into a corner? At the end Odelle sneaks back into the country looking a lot hotter and sporting a non-desert-trashed hairstyle (i.e. looks great)! She would have to have a great hacker to provide a uniquely sanitized/credible identity and have to let all the stories about her cool off, so her face does not pop-up on the surrounding screens as she enters the screening area. Also there is the poetic license of facial recognition; if the U.S. govt. classed her as a "baddie" those points would light up on the screen sending the donut eating security screened into overdrive - LOL.
Dr. Con F.
06/29/15 at 04:26pm

This show is for an intelligent audience- Well Done !!! Please bring it back for a 2nd season
06/27/15 at 10:05am

hoped it makes it to season 2. At least, they are letting us know about what is going on with our country!
It's scary to know about our country killing our US people.
06/22/15 at 01:31pm

I will be very disappointed if the show ends with a cliffhanger next Sunday.
05/17/15 at 12:40pm

If you can handle the terrifying possibilities, check out "State of Affairs" on disc! I love this kind of show.
04/13/15 at 03:18pm

If a war costing BILLION$ and THOUSANDS of lives was possible on the assumption of invisible WMDs except in a vial at the UN. then this program may not be factual but just the tip of AN iceberg.
David Wood
04/06/15 at 12:18pm

I meant "Few would deny that there are bad guys out there wearing white hats".
Not likely there will be any glorification of terrorism, but some self-examination of our own purity may not necessarily be a bad thing.
David Wood
04/06/15 at 12:09pm

Corporate and military conspiracy at the highest levels. Scary stuff. Well done with excellent action and drama.
Few would argue that there are bad guys out there wearing white hats.

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