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Jan 22, 2015 - Apr 30, 2015




Drama / Crime




Backstrom - Rainn WilsonNicole - Genevieve AngelsonFrank - Page KennedyPeter - Kristoffer PolahaJohn - Dennis HaysbertNadia - Beatrice RosenGregory - Thomas Dekker

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A comic crime drama following an offensive, but brilliant, detective returned from exile to run a special crime unit.

Lieutenant Everett Backstrom is an unhealthy and offensive detective who is brought back from a five year exile to head Portland Police Bureau's Special Crimes Unit. Tasked with working the city's most serious cases, Backstrom utilizes his dark instincts and odd abilities to solve crimes while trying to improve his own self-destructive behavior.

Comments (51)

Fran Cab
07/17/15 at 06:16pm

I loved this show. It was funny at times and sad at other times. Please don't cancel
07/17/15 at 07:01am

I hope Netflix picks up the show.
Anita Bruner
06/30/15 at 05:11pm

Great show...great cast. Please reconsider on taking this show off the air.
06/17/15 at 09:47pm

Please keep this going. It's better than House ever was and look how great House was. Come on. Bring it back.
06/03/15 at 04:24am

I loved this show!! They need to give it a chance!!! So tired of canceling good shows before they have a chance and keep another stupid reality show. Enough already!
05/29/15 at 08:25pm

get on Twitter #savebackstrom This show needs to be saved. AMC should take it and run with it.
Jenny O
05/24/15 at 07:21pm

Do not cancel this awesome show!!!!! Please bring it back for a 2nd season!!!! I want more Backstrom!
ron davis
05/23/15 at 06:59pm

I agree...too many reality ones that have story..really liked
LL Williams
05/21/15 at 09:03pm

I NEVER leave comments... But, I am so disappointed to find out that Backstrom is not being renewed! There are so many shallow, predictable "comedies" and variety shows to chose from and be bored with. Backstrom is witty, edgy, well scripted and the actors are fantastically cast! PLEASE reconsider!
05/19/15 at 02:56am

The producers of this show to pitch it to USANetwork or TNT or FX. It is too gritty for broadcast TV. It would also benefit from a short (13 episode) run.

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