Battle Creek

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Mar 01, 2015 - May 24, 2015




Drama / Crime




Milton - Josh DuhamelRuss - Dean WintersGuziewicz - Janet McTeerFontanelle - Kal PennHolly - Aubrey DollarAaron - GrapevineNiblet - Damon HerrimanJacocks - Liza LapiraConnie - Jessee FoudrayMeredith - Meredith Eaton

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A crime drama following a detective and an FBI agent working together in a small Michigan city.

Special Agent Milton Chamberlain and Detective Russ Agnew might have differing world views, but together they partner up to fight crime on the streets of Battle Creek, Michigan using deception and cunning.

Comments (48)

05/30/15 at 12:29pm

like csi cyber and ncis la but cant believe losing battle creek ,stalker . the only good thing is tom selleck wasn't involved since I am a big fan my son says he ruins everything
05/29/15 at 06:55am

great show loved it shame on you for cancelling it but lets have all the reality rubbish and well lets say 2 broke girls more rubbish just cant believe that everything decent on to watch is being taken off so disappointing also taxi Brooklyn another quality show gone
05/28/15 at 05:29pm

I very seldom comment on these websites, but I will this time. After watching this show getting better every week, then finding out they cancelled it made me realize TV decision makers don't have a clue what's good or bad. I think this was one of the best drama/comedy shows I've seen in a long time. Great relationships between the characters. CBS keeps shows I don't waste my time watching, so sad.
Jo-Anne Renault
05/27/15 at 07:47am

Once again a good show is cancelled in favor of all the trash reality shows and mindless shows. Why don't we rid ourselves of the Kardashians and other garbage.
05/26/15 at 08:18pm

Isn't it odd that Battle Creek and iZombie are at the same in ratings, but iZombie got picked up and Battle Creek got the ax. Makes you wonder.
05/26/15 at 08:15pm

Why??? What happened to giving a show a chance, I believe a little show called Friends was hard to find in the beginning but gee wiz look at what a hit that was!
Rick G
05/26/15 at 12:06pm

Boo!!! This was a great show. Bring it Back!!! (Please)
05/26/15 at 10:07am

The powers that be are a bunch of idiots. I don't know why they would cancel a great show like this. I couldn't believe it when I saw it.
05/26/15 at 07:50am

Hey, CBS, had any GOOD ideas lately?!? First you cancel Stalker and now Battle Creek after only one season. Do you guys have new management or something? Trying to lose your network or ratings? Get a bonus for every bad decision? As you can tell, I'm a little perturbed. Just watched marathon first season of Battle Creek and loved it. Stella cast, writing, can't see a single reason to cancel. Please other networks, somebody show some intelligence and pick this show up for next year!
Jo Ann
05/26/15 at 07:44am

I loved this show. Shame on you for cancelling it!

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