Best Friends Whenever

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Jun 26, 2015 - Dec 11, 2016






Shelby - Lauren TaylorCyd - Landry BenderBarry - Gus KampNaldo - Ricky GarciaBret - Benjamin ColeChet - Matthew Lewis Royer

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A comedy following two friends who gain the ability to travel back and forth in time.

Shelby and Cyd are two best friends who gain the power to leap forward and backward in time whenever they want to. With their newfound ability, the pair has to decide whether to fix mistakes in the past or take a look into what the future holds.

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02/24/16 at 12:04pm

Please CANCEL This show I can't believe Disney even thought about this at all!!
02/22/16 at 08:46am

This show needs to cancel!! I seen way better children teen shows that are science fiction phenomena. Even Austrailian television is WAY better!!! This show is very confusing at times, also it's horrible acting, bad writing, You really have to force yourself to get into the characters because there not very likable. Also, I gotten more confused then I have ever been then with other shows because one its not believe able and also the prospect of 'time travel' in that show is so unreal I get that it's science fiction, but even Phil of the future does a better job with the time machine- time travel theme. Also the acting is a little bit better, the characters are more likeable, the show is WAY more believable with out the audience, and one more thing that show made way more creative with thinking about what the future is really like even though the predictions aren't probably real. Also the fact that they had cool technology because Disney created some fantastic technology I wouldn't have thought of in the future. God I miss that show, I hated how sad it ended, but maybe they should have a season 3 where there in the future, and then Phil is trying to contact keelys family living now that will be so cool!! I wish they had a season 3 of that show instead of even having this show in the first place!
01/19/16 at 09:19pm

This show is very entertaining and funny. Lot better than stuff on regular tv.😁
12/09/15 at 06:46am

For once a Disney Channel show that is not all about the protagonist wanting, working and becoming famous pop singing and dancing stars for the world to enjoy. Its nice to see them change it around for once and do something different that doesn't end with each episode in a song and dance number to solve all their problems.
12/08/15 at 08:57pm

This show is the worst of disney. And that is saying alot

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