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May 21, 2015 - Aug 04, 2016




Drama / Sci-fi




Wiley - Jennette McCurdyAdam - Jesse CarereGord - Ryan AllenChuck - Justin KellyAmanda - Krystal NausbaumMelissa - Brooke PalssonFrances - Shailyn Pierre DixonRonnie - Kyle MacPat - Jim WatsonTracey - Jordan TodoseyAmy - Shailene GarnettEllen - Sarah PodemskiMark - Jack MurrayStacey - Samantha Munro

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A sci-fi drama following a town under quarantine after being hit by an unexplained virus.

After a mysterious disease kills everybody over the age of 21 in the town of Pretty Lake, the remaining survivors are quarantined by the government. With the town under siege, the survivors must figure out a way to fend for themselves within the 10-mile power vacuum they are left in.

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Dr. Dirt
02/10/17 at 06:40pm

Similar to Under The Dome but much better. Under The Dome jumped the shark with the the pods and aliens. Definitely looking forward to a 3rd season of Between!
07/03/16 at 04:07am

watched second season and hope it will be renewed for the third.
08/11/15 at 00:39am

once the kids stopped fighting the story line was great.
David Wood
06/15/15 at 06:46pm

Horny "Lord of the Flies" youngsters gone wild. First few episodes were sidetracked by some senseless, out-of-control rich kid/ redneck blood feud.
Gloomy and depressing.
06/03/15 at 11:38pm

Seems like "Under the Dome" like?

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