Blood & Oil

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Sep 27, 2015 - Dec 13, 2015








Hap - Don JohnsonBilly - Chace CrawfordCody - Rebecca RittenhouseTip - Delroy LindoDarla - Amber VallettaWick - Scott Michael FosterJules - India de Beaufort

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A drama following a couple looking to cash in on the oil boom in North Dakota.

Billy and Cody LeFever move to "The Bakken" in North Dakota with hopes of a new life, after the biggest oil discovery in American history hits the area. But before long they find themselves pitted against a powerful oil tycoon who forces them to put it all on the line.

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01/24/16 at 11:41am

Why was this cancelled?!?! I LOVE this show, the story, the characters. I also watched it either online or on DVR. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!
01/24/16 at 09:24am

Why on earth would they cancel this show? It had a good storyline and strong characters. It was good to see Don Johnson back on tv. I'm sick of all the "reality" shows that are far from anything realistic, and the comedies are just plain stupid. Give this show another chance!
01/23/16 at 12:46pm

I am so disappointed that this show has been taken off it was something to look forward to watching and there are no good shows on to watch on Sunday nights I guess we will have to watch stuff that are already taped .please ,please bring it back .it was such a good show to watch .we watched it every week.
Marisa McElmurry
01/20/16 at 04:03am

It was so good to see Don Johnson on a tv series again. Blood and Oil is a great show and was getting better each week with all the plot twists and suspense. Please bring it back!!!
There are so many cop shows and sci-fi on TV, this was such a nice change. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!
01/13/16 at 05:05pm

I enjoyed this show....bummed it didn't make it. LOVE Don Johnson he gets better with age.
Judy smith
01/13/16 at 08:34am

Best show since Dallas. Hope it comes back. Don Johnson gets. better looking as he ages. The new young actors are so hood. Great writers .
01/10/16 at 05:46pm

We were looking forward to Blood & Oil starting back up in January and just saw that it was cancelled. So very disappointed. Loved the storyline and the cast. Lets hope someone comes to their senses and the show returns.
01/07/16 at 04:07pm

I really enjoy this show. Though I couldn't watch it in real time I always used the DVR. There are so few good shows on, I hope they reconsider.
01/05/16 at 11:54am

We enjoy this show so much after all the reality shows it is really refreshing to have a show like this try it on another time or day and I think it will be a winner!!
12/28/15 at 02:36pm

I too, stream line all my TV shows, so no I do not watch conventional television. But please know that todays society and population do more online streaming than just watching it on network television. We viewers are out there and we really hate to see the good shows get cancelled.

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