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Jun 18, 2015 - Aug 13, 2015






John - Jason O’MaraGretchen - Jessica SzohrSamantha - Beth RiesgrafBridget - Lauren Stamile

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A thriller following a doctor who becomes a vigilante after saving a young boy's life.

Dr. John Ellison is a suburban doctor who, while still dealing with the aftermath of his daughter's death, is unwittingly thrust into the role of a vigilante hero when he saves a boy's life by intervening in a drive-by shooting. When John discovers the boy is still marked for death, he is compelled to go to any length to save him - even if it means compromising his morals for the greater good.

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03/28/16 at 08:48pm

Why cancel such a great show?!I don't get it!I was so looking forward to this show coming back on.why does all the crap get renewed and the really interesting stuff gets the axe!
10/05/15 at 08:01pm

Seriously, last year it was the drug-addict concierge MD that got cancelled. Thiseas an interesting show....I would like to know how the story line was going to finish. A lot of peripheral characters also had a lot of personage sh#t to work out.
09/25/15 at 09:41pm

this is was an exciting show
08/21/15 at 11:07am

Does anyone know if there is a season 2 planned?
07/18/15 at 04:21pm

This is a great show. I really excited to continue this show.
06/07/15 at 01:31pm

Premise of this show is interesting, so I'll give it a look. However, I've found the production values of most USA network-generated shows to be lacking, so I don't hold much hope this show will keep me as a viewer.

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