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Dec 13, 2015 - Sep 22, 2020








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A reality series following the lives of the oldest Duggar children.

This spin-off of '19 Kids and Counting' follows the oldest Duggar children, Jill and Jessa, as they begin their life as adults and start their own families.

Jill and Derick Dillard have returned home from Central America and are readjusting to life in Arkansas, while Jess and Ben await the arrival of their second child. Jinger plans her wedding and Joy begins a courtship with her childhood friend.

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Brad Johnson
09/29/21 at 02:58pm

Damn! I love a good CULT classic!
Barb Harlow
08/19/21 at 02:00pm

I have to respond to T.H. Langman, Just because one person in a family does something wrong doesn't mean the whole family condones it. If a family had a drug dealer in their group it doesn't mean the whole family is on drugs. I am in no way excusing the things that took place, but I can assure you as soon as the parents found out they put a stop to it. Remember they were all children, and again I don't condone it, but it didn't go on as long as the media makes it out to have been. Don't be so judgemental. we all have done stupid things when we were young. That's why we need Jesus. I came from a family who has a criminal which is very hard on the family, I might add, and the rest of us are law abiding citizens. as for how many children a person has. It is none of our business. It is not as though they are living off welfare like so many others. The duggar families are completely self sufficient and certainly blessed by God. I am a Bible believing Christian and it is refreshing to see Good quality programming on tv, shows that you can watch with your whole family and not have to worry about sex, drugs and bad language. I hope this wonderful family allows us to enjoy them for many years to come.
T. H. Longman
07/15/21 at 08:13pm

After canceling this show in 2015, you brought this sick crap back on TLC under a different name. WHY!??
You didn’t learn anything the first time, so you’d thought you try it again.
Same guy molesting more kids, where do you think he learned these behaviors?
You have A woman who pumps out kids every year, like a machine.
And a father who expects her to.
If you think this is the Christian way, you are sorely mistaken.
This is More like a cult. After you put this back on I and every other sane person I know, quit watching your station.
I hope your programming director figures it out and quits thrusting Dugger family members on your public.
But You know you want to.
You have an unlimited amount of Duggers to do it with. GROSS

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