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Mar 05, 2015 - May 07, 2015


Drama / Action




Peter - Jason IsaacsLynn - Anne HecheSandra - Melinda Page HamiltonEmma - Alison SudolTad - David CostabileDebbie - Lauren AmbroseDet. Cohen - Ori PfefferRuth - Regina Taylor

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An action drama following a Jerusalem-based FBI agent who discovers a far-reaching conspiracy dating back 2000 years.

Peter Connelly is an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem who uncovers an ancient international conspiracy while investigating the murder of a young American. Knowing that what he has found threatens to change the course of human history, Peter must work to unearth the mystery before the prophecy comes to fruition.

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06/05/16 at 10:12am

it was indeed cancelled on may 12
05/02/16 at 07:45pm

Hey folks the show has "concluded", not cancelled (finished) therefore no renewal it simply ran its course, a good one I might add. This show is on the UHD channel ...
12/08/15 at 10:36am

Please renew this fantastic show!
07/16/15 at 03:44pm

Great show and I hope it gets renewed, I am tried of the network cancelling show with out notice.
06/02/15 at 02:41am

When I first heard of the premise of this show I thought -- It'll never work. But it had some intriguing elements.
Having been raised in a religious environment there are aspects of the plot line that include different items from the Bible, Old Testament lore and church history. While it is obvious that some pieces are for drama, unlike most religious subjects that Hollywood addresses, this show comes closer to getting it right. Some of it, right on. Plus it is quite entertaining. I hope it is renewed for another season.
Karen M
05/25/15 at 03:24pm

I loved this show and am very sad to read on Wikipedia that it wasn't renewed for a 2nd season. Well, maybe it will get picked up. I think it would be a great show for the History Channel.
05/21/15 at 04:31pm

Where are you seeing that it was cancelled Ben?
05/20/15 at 05:04pm

This show was cancelled.
05/10/15 at 02:59pm

Great show, hope it gets renewed!
05/07/15 at 07:59pm

My husband and I both like this show, and we hope it gets renewed.

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