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Jan 12, 2015 - Mar 16, 2015








Lindy - Victoria JusticeTommy - Casey DeidrickGeorge - Harvey GuillenSophia - Kiersey ClemonsConnor - John Garet Stoker

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A drama following a tech genius hunting a serial killer in New York.

Lindy is a twenty-something tech genius who suspects that one of the men she met on an online dating site could be a deadly cyber stalker and possible serial killer terrorizing Manhattan.

Along with some friends at the elusive cyber police, Lindy takes on the case in an attempt to solve the string of murders and fight other injustices on the New York City streets.

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11/17/15 at 10:20am

Never made it past the 1st episode.
05/06/15 at 11:31am

I was hoping they would bring back the show for 1 more season to find the missing sister! I actually liked it but wasn't fond of the Detective.
04/25/15 at 10:57am

I have seen all the episodes but they say it's been cancelled which is really sad b/c they never really finished although they showed the killer they never revealed the rest some were dying to know it frustrates me very much but i love the show and I don't understand why they cancellled it!!!!
03/30/15 at 02:13pm

I really like this show
03/03/15 at 07:38am

The heroi/heroine continually chasing does not have to be frustrating if the story is told right. Anyone remember the old Hawaii 5-0? Steve McGarrett spent his entire career chasing Wo Fat at one time or another, never caught him, but there was always "closure" to those episodes and the chase never got old.
03/02/15 at 03:01am

It's a good show, kind of fresh & new. Casey from Days of Our Lives was a good choice for character by Victoria Justice. We recorded the show on a whim & were surprised we were hooked so quickly-it's simple with some cool, mysterious edge Victoria Justice, Casey & others bring out well, & the effort in its creation can be seen. All the actors are doing great work.
Not Impressed
02/20/15 at 02:34pm

I try to keep in mind this show is based off a novel that is directed at teens so it 'excuses' some of the writing.
I have watched 6 of the 10 listed episodes and while it seems to have potential and the main actress is decent it doesn't seem to really be going in any solid direction.
*Spoilers ahead*
After episode 3 when the final guy she suspects could be the one stalking her is cleared, on wards in the following episodes he drops almost completely out. In episode 4, 5, and 6 his voice shows up at the very end like with 5 minutes or so to go though in 6 he has just a tiny bit more to do with what's going on. It's like really they do 3 different cases with just a little oh by the way Lindy he's still after you. With as much presence as he had in the first 3 episodes it seems odd.
She doesn't even seem to be putting in the effort to be looking for her sister anymore the last time it was even mentioned was a little bit in episode 4 then its like oh yeah going along not seeming to really try to find my sister who I hope is still alive or the guy that's be stalking me and killed my boyfriend.
I don't see this getting renewed, so for the sake of people who really like it I hope it doesn't end on some horrible cliffhanger.
01/22/15 at 06:08pm

This is such a great show so far. Please watch live on Monday nights so we can keep this show on the air! It has potential and I feel like it could go far. Victoria Justice has stepped into a more mature role and it suits her well.
01/14/15 at 11:57am

If the main girl was ugly this wouldn't get a second episode
David Wood
01/13/15 at 08:30am

Usually, I don't go for serial killer shows. The villain is often a condescending smarty-pants.
The pilot seems to have potential. Just hope the heroine doesn't spend all her time chasing and chasing, always one step behind. That can get frustrating.

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