Golan The Insatiable

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May 31, 2015 - Jul 19, 2015






Golan - Rob RiggleDylan - Aubrey Plaza

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An animated comedy following a godlord from an another dimension who befriends a young girl.

Golan The Insatiable is a mighty godlord from an alternate dimension called Gkruool. When he is banished to Earth by rebels, he ends up arriving in Oak Grove, Minnesota, he is befriended by macabre nine-year-old girl named Dylan, who encourages him to wreak havoc on her small town.

Comments (6)

01/19/16 at 04:34pm

This show should be renewed for a seaon 3
01/06/16 at 08:23pm

You should renew golan the insatiable there should be more episodes # season 3
And I want to see more episodes of home free but especially golan the insatiable
01/02/16 at 08:10pm

No don't cancel it i freaken like this show so much please can you make more seaosns?
12/19/15 at 07:31pm

This is a relly good show i love season 2 better than the 1st one and i like the voices from season 2 better too
11/10/15 at 07:16pm

Obviously cartoon network should air this show instead of FOX. If one person comments that the show is bad doesn't mean it's bad. FOX viewers are a bunch of peanut brained vaginas.
05/11/15 at 10:34am

Are you freaking kidding with the premise of this show? No matter how good it is, I give it 4 episodes max before it gets cancelled. Sub 1.0 ratings for this means instant death.

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