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Jan 07, 2015 - Mar 11, 2015




Comedy / Drama




Becca - Laura RamseyLolly - Sarah GoldbergSean - Craig HornerAndy - Nick CliffordJamie - John Patrick AmedoriMelanie - Jessy HodgesPaige - Drew SidoraGeorgie - Donna Murphy

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A comedy following a girl who travels back in time to the day of her first wedding.

On the eve of Becca's second wedding everything seems perfect, but she still feels a lingering doubt left over from the mistakes she made after getting married the first time.

After a strange elevator ride, Becca is given the chance to fix things from the past, as she wakes up in New York on the day of her first wedding back in 1995. Can she make things right by living her life over again while trying to re-adapt to life in the 90's?

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09/26/15 at 08:20pm

How do they cancelled this show and keep dating naked. Stop with the trash, ratchet TV shows. It's so annoying you know why Netflix us doing better than most TV networks today aside from being able to watch different shows and seasons at a low price, it's because they don't give up on a show after it doesn't get the ratings they were looking for, also they don't produce so much or any, trash ratchet TV shows out like all these networks out there. This show was simply different than those out there and despite all, it was just given up on.
09/04/15 at 10:39am

WHY WHY WHY - LOVE THIS SHOW !!! Was so looking forward to its return -- why say yes then Change your mind ..
09/01/15 at 06:56pm

First eye candy now this show!! Come on!!
08/28/15 at 05:10pm

So NOT cool! I was looking forward to this show returning. I loved it! Reminds me of my 20's. The best time of my life. So we're not going to find out how she went back in time???? NOT cool!
07/02/15 at 06:40pm

Omg so happy WE LOVE THIS SHOW

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