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Jan 07, 2015 - Mar 11, 2015




Comedy / Drama




Becca - Laura RamseyLolly - Sarah GoldbergSean - Craig HornerAndy - Nick CliffordJamie - John Patrick AmedoriMelanie - Jessy HodgesPaige - Drew SidoraGeorgie - Donna Murphy

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A comedy following a girl who travels back in time to the day of her first wedding.

On the eve of Becca's second wedding everything seems perfect, but she still feels a lingering doubt left over from the mistakes she made after getting married the first time.

After a strange elevator ride, Becca is given the chance to fix things from the past, as she wakes up in New York on the day of her first wedding back in 1995. Can she make things right by living her life over again while trying to re-adapt to life in the 90's?

Comments (15)

01/29/20 at 11:56pm

Would have gotten more ratings if it was called hand job. Brutally funny Hollywood reviews podcast
05/08/16 at 11:38am

OMG! why did they cancel this? i LOVED This show! they probably needed to do a better job promoting it. i can NOT believe the CANCELLED this?!?! finally a new and different show comes on TV and they cancel it.
05/05/16 at 12:16pm

Can't believe this is cancelled. Someone with taste please pick this show up
Michael Vaughn
03/21/16 at 04:00am

This breaks my heart. I absolutely love this show. I didn't even realize VH1 was still on television until this show. I guess now I can go back to ignoring it.
01/10/16 at 06:18pm

Why did they cancel this show? Its prob the best thing to happen to that network!!! Not cool at all! Bring it Back! To The Network: Big Mistake this is like a "my so-called life" huge mistake when a show was so great and only allowed one season????
01/06/16 at 03:29am

#bringbackourshow it was like the "clueless" meets "lost" it had so much potential. I lied, it was great! Unfair.
12/30/15 at 05:57pm

I was so excited for another season of hindsight only to be let down. This was an amazing show! I'm truly disappointed that they won't be bringing this show back on.
11/30/15 at 09:33pm

How can this show be cancelled. Yeah yeah I know the excuse is that they need to reach a wider audience but usually wider audience equals a bunch of imbeciles. This was my favorite show last year and the only one I never wanted to miss and would watch episodes I had already seen. Figures another great show is cancelled. Sad sad. Shame on you VH1!!!
11/27/15 at 07:38pm

My excitement has now turned to sad sorrows. Why????? It was so good! This was the show that brought girls together and to be interested in TV again. Finally something other than zombies, murder or crime. It was a breath of fresh air and it deserves to have a second chance.
Aricka Shuck
11/25/15 at 03:19am

Unadulterated B.S. I hate censoring this comment because I want to swear so effing bad right now!! How on God's green earth do you renew a show then 6 months later cancel it?? This is by far the best show VH1 has every premeired. Their reality series are tantamount to torture and may very well end up as evidence of the fall of our civilization. This show didn't just have heart, it had brains! I'm extremely disappointed with this dicision and utterly saddened by the fact that these multi layered, interesting characters are forever frozen in a conflict which wI'll never be resolved. I live in a cynical word but can I dare to dream this freshman series could be picked up by Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime?? Is there a petition I could start? Does anyone even pay attention to petitions? Woe is me!

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