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A reality series following the life of a transgender girl.

Jazz Jennings was born a male, but since kindergarten Jazz has been living as a transgender female. All through growing up, her parents searched for doctors treat her while dealing with the discrimination surrounding transgender youth.

Now 14 years old, Jazz is a few years away from being a candidate for gender reassignment surgery. In the meantime, she is about to enter high school and face one of biggest challenges of her life so far.

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09/04/17 at 05:57pm

Is this show canceled now? I came across this find it very interesting and taped the series so I wouldn't miss it. Now I can't find it.
Emilee McClain
04/05/17 at 11:46am

So by that analogy if God makes no mistakes. If you were or a child was born with a cleft lip or was born blind or deaf, you would not do anything and everything for that child to have a normal and happy life? or just let them be because 'God made Him/Her' that way?
Barry the Bee
04/03/17 at 09:33am

You like Jazz?
03/18/17 at 06:12pm

"Jazz is by all accounts a girl." Try telling that to "her" penis, chromosomes, and basically everything else... You are delusional if you think you are a different gender. Its literally the equivalent of me saying Im a different race because "I feel Asian/black whatever" that day. And whoever encourages and feeds into this mental disorder is just as insane.
03/12/17 at 02:18pm

Agreed, we have not been given the right to judge others. God does not make mistakes!! Transgender and gay people have been amongst us for all time. Do you really think the soldiers back in Jesus' time were not having sex with each other while away fighting for months on end? Get real. They were NOT eunuchs!! Even the bible and stories we see about Biblical times share numerous large parties with orgies included. LOTS of prostitution too!!
God makes every one in his own image. If you look up transgender or watch Jazz, you would learn that transgender people are born with a "sense of personal identity that does not correspond with the gender assigned to them at birth". In a true transgender case, tests can be given to determine biological, chromosome, DNA such traits, and the results are the opposite as the genitalia they were born with. (This has NOTHING to do with cross-dressers and drag queens. THOSE are CHOICES!) Transgender is a REAL biological-medical happening. Have you ever thought what it would be like to be dressed as the genitals in your pants, but genuinely FEEL and want to live the opposite?? Sounds pretty awful to me. Jazz has been truly feminine and beautiful since birth. There is NO HANDSOME quality about her. God has actually helped us realize the truth in this, and lead our medical world to finding the information and help for those who need to live their true lives. Research it, before you judge!! This is VERY real and NOT a choice of the person having it happen. :0)
11/14/16 at 12:58pm

I have watched this show andit has been very in lightening. I am a 70 year old grand mother of 6. I think jazz is beautiful. I wish her nothing but love and bless her and her family. God loves everyone.she cant help how she feels. who are we to tell her who she should be.
11/01/16 at 12:55pm

Jazz by all accounts is female....I wish all these righteous people would remember this is 2016.
No one should judge Jazz.
08/02/16 at 12:11pm

No, God doesn't make mistakes. He does, however, test us almost on a daily basis. It's my opinion that learning to love and accept the LGBT community is just one more of His many tests to test our strength and to watch who is and who is not living their lives in the manner that Jesus set fourth for us. Love thy neighbor and let God take care of those He feels need punishment. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Oh, wait!!! None of us are sinless. I guess, then, that it isn't our place to judge.
07/29/16 at 07:53am

God does not make mistakes. If Jazz was born a boy, Jazz was meant to be a boy. This show glorifies self-gratification. I believe it is a mistake to show and encourage others to "question" whether they were "born right".

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