Little Women: NY

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Mar 25, 2015 - Jun 15, 2016








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A reality series following a group of friends in New York who are all little people.

An expansion of the Little Women franchise, this docu-series chronicles the adventures of a group of friends in New York City who have one unique trait in common: they are all little people.

Cameras follow them as they navigate the Big Apple while facing obstacles like riding the subway, hailing taxi cabs, and finding their way through the crowded streets that New York is known for.

Comments (9)

01/08/19 at 08:31am

You need to update this to show as canceled. It's been gone for a few years.
07/25/17 at 01:04pm

I just want to know why the show before I cancel that's all
Antonia Miranda
06/27/17 at 09:04am

Please bring back Little Women New York I love that show better than Little Women Atlanta
02/17/17 at 06:31pm

Yes, PLEASE BRING IT BACK. I love this show.
Caroline Mulready
03/21/16 at 08:29am

Please bring this show back for a second series it.
03/11/16 at 06:47am

Please renew Little Women New York. I miss following their friendship and lifestyle in busy New York. They are a classy group who are very social and entertaining. I totally enjoyed season one and hope to see them back for season two and more. If any show should be canceled it should be Little Women Atlanta. Names like Juicy. It is a very demeaning show of the life of little people. It's like watching the life of want a be strippers and bar hopping nasty mouth girls. Bring back Little Women New York.
02/29/16 at 09:58am

A hell of a lot better than Little Woman Georgia. That show is all about ASS. it is disgusting!!!!!!! I love LA!!! New York great too.
01/21/16 at 07:25am

I really love little woman my and hope it returns not knowing is crazy pls update us
Al arsin
12/11/15 at 12:01pm

I can't stand the drama the show creates for them,it's not them we're watching,it's Hollywood and it's cheap greedy producers.use to love la women,can't stand anymore.midguts for ever.

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