Schitt's Creek

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Jan 13, 2015 - Apr 07, 2020








Johnny - Eugene LevyMoira - Catherine O'HaraDavid - Daniel LevyAlexis - Annie MurphyTwyla - Sarah LevyRoland - Chris ElliottJocelyn - Jennifer RobertsonStevie - Emily HampshireMutt - Tim RozonTed - Dustin Milligan

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A comedy following a couple rebuilding their lives in a small town they own.

Johnny and Moira Rose are a formerly wealthy couple who are forced to rebuild their lives using their only remaining asset, which is a small town called Schitt's Creek that they purchased in the 90's as a joke.

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03/18/20 at 07:54pm

Schitt’s Creek is a great show about personal growth, family, friends, and acceptance. It’s like a security blanket; comforting and dependable. The characters are like family. I’ve watched and rewatched episodes so many times, I’ve started quoting the show. I’ll be sad when the series ends, but am just grateful that it concluded naturally and it wasn’t cancelled. Thank you, Dan Levy!
02/04/20 at 11:30am

I've watched from the very beginning and I LOVE this show. Every episode makes me laugh out loud. I thought the 'over the top' parts would annoy me, but they fit into the show so perfectly. I'm sorry it's ending, but I guess it can't go on forever!
12/17/19 at 12:21pm

I love this show! It is hilarious. David is my favorite. I am disappointed that the 6th season will be the end. But,I guess they're going out while they're on top. Smart!
04/06/19 at 02:55pm

What a great show! Just what all the new series on tv are missing! Funny, entertaining, and just an all around good feeling show! BRAVO Netflix!!
08/31/18 at 11:06am

One of the best keopy secret's on Television today. Still waiting for Netflix to pickup season 4!
02/11/18 at 01:51am

I love this show! Moira and Roland kinda get on my nerves but that's my only complaint. David, Alexis, Johnny and Stevie are my favorite characters. Alexis and Ted are too cute together also!
tv guy
01/24/18 at 09:07pm

It's Canada Not Canadia
05/18/17 at 09:42am

This show is great!! I love, love, love it. David's my favorite, but I really love all the Roses :-)
04/01/16 at 06:51pm

Love this show. Raw humour, great Canadian actors.
Glad it was renewed.
11/10/15 at 07:16am

This show is from Canadia but I still find it to be very funny, even when I'm sober.

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