Secrets and Lies

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Mar 01, 2015 - Dec 04, 2016








Andrea - Juliette Lewis

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A drama following a man who becomes a murder suspect after discovering the dead body of his neighbor's son.

When Ben Crawford finds murdered body of his neighbor's young son in the woods, he quickly goes from being a Good Samaritan to the primary suspect in the investigation. Ben is now forced to look into the crime himself in an effort to clear his name, digging deep into the lives of his suburban neighbors and exposing their deep, dark secrets.

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02/05/18 at 06:04pm

Well I didn’t like the ending but thestoryline was good
05/13/17 at 02:01pm

That's too bad. I enjoyed both seasons and liked the fact that they were totally different stories. I try to follow too many different shows, so when they have 9 month breaks in between seasons, it's too hard to remember all of the details from the previous season unless you rewatch the last few.
05/12/17 at 09:41am

ABC, just a thought here... maybe you should come up with some GOOD shows to begin with so you don't have to CANCEL shows all of the time. It's getting real old investing time in a show only to have it CANCELLED after ONE (1) Season od LESS!
ABC, I'm done with you and your nonsense, hope you go the way of the Dinosaur & Block Buster. I'm off to go watch some HULU or NEXFLIX shows, they are so much better anyway.
03/21/17 at 04:31pm

Its been canceled
12/06/16 at 08:07am

Hello Kimberly,
I love the show too. I hope ABC renews Season 3. Make me wonder if Juliette Lewis may not be returning(cause what happening in the ending of the Season Finale episode) and having news kind of Detectives for whole news murder cases that goes along with Secret and LIES!!! I like Season 2 better than Season 1 because it a lot going on in and out around the Warner family. Great storylines.
12/06/16 at 05:35am

I love this show. I really like the cast of the second season. I really enjoyed it a lot. I'm looking forward to season three and see what happens to Cornell.
11/30/16 at 02:51pm

Loved the 1st season story, I already knew each season was going to be different actors and stories except Cornell. I got to say I'm not impressed with season 2 and the acting is kinda cheesey in season 2. I find my mind wondering when I try to watch it.
Janis C
07/01/16 at 09:09am

I like the show too. I searched and it maybe returning Sept. 25th.
Janis C
07/01/16 at 09:02am

I hear comments that the father may not be on the show anymore. Maybe because he is on the show called SHOOTER on July 19th.
04/28/16 at 08:28am

This show is amazing! I'm glad it got renewed unlike the origional which got cancelled after one season

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