The Bastard Executioner

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Sep 15, 2015 - Nov 17, 2015








Wilkin - Lee JonesMilus - Stephen MoyerBaron - Brían F. O’ByrneLove - Flora Spencer-LonghurstThe Dark Mute - Kurt SutterCalo - Kyle ReesToran - Sam SpruellAnnora - Katey Sagal

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A drama following a 14th century warrior who becomes an executioner.

Wilkin Brattle is a 14th century warrior in northern Wales whose life changes when a divine messenger implores him to lay down his sword and lead the life of a journeyman executioner.

In a time of rebellion and political unrest, Wilkin must protect his true identity while also serving a mysterious destiny and trying to understand his greater purpose.

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11/22/15 at 06:15pm

Too bad. A drama series that took time to unfold. Back to COPS, DOCTORS, & LAWYERS - Where all cases are resolved in 24 hours. If not there there's always REALITY TV for the mindless idiots happy with no resolution of anything.
11/18/15 at 10:19pm

It was very boring. Story line was terrible. Kurt Sutter was trying to hit it big like SOA but it missed really bad. Glad to see it go. Kurt you can do it. But please, no prequel of SOA. Don't ruin a good thing.
Floyd Dehanne
11/18/15 at 09:28am

By the way it's only fair to note here that the show was cancelled by Kurt Sutter himself NOT the studio. Kind of admirable that the creator had the guts to not wait for the axe (pun intended, lol) and pull the plug himself. Wish more of them would.
11/12/15 at 01:05am

great show......never miss an episode and
hopefully this gets a renewal.
10/29/15 at 07:09pm

I'm disappointed with the fact that there wasn't any new episode on 10/27/15. Great storyline Kurt is a genius! Takes time to evolve but it has me wanting more!
10/27/15 at 04:48pm

Thought it would be much better. it's actually boring and did not keep my interest. sorry, but I can not sit through another episode
10/16/15 at 11:09am

I completely understand why people think this is boring, I had a hard time with the pilot as well... HOWEVER, as a Sutter fan I kept at it and I am so glad I had because now it is one of my favorites! After 5 eps I went back to watch a pilot and I actually loved it. I realized that it was just a LOT to take in at once. But once you get a handle of the characters you can appreciate how rich the storytelling is. I REALLY think this has the potential to be as great as SOA so I really hope ppl give it a chance.
Floyd Dehanne
10/16/15 at 09:30am

I have to agree with Greg here, the show definitely smacks of imitation despite a Welsh storyline. Almost as if Kurt Sutter got tired of hearing about HBO getting the Emmys for Game of Thrones hype and decided "I'm-gonna-write-an-even-better-story" and gave us this weak, blood soaked, gore stoked(burning fetuses vs GOT Joffrey's baby boy slaughtering makes imitation clearly evident) facsimile. The only thing worse on this show is Katey Sagal's accent- the woman sonds like Count Chocula! ("Jes my lay-dee I'm go-eeing to dreenk jore bla-bla-blaad) and Stephen Moyer is wasting his talent on this show. Sorry Kurt, this may not be your genre please agree to complete the Mayan project or even the first 9 but THIS SHOW IS GOING TO DIE VERY SOON A LA BOSS ON STARZ
10/11/15 at 04:29pm

This show is what you get when you cross the most BORING parts of Braveheart with the most BORING parts of Game of thrones.
I've watched every episode so far. I won't be wasting time and DVR space on it any longer.
10/07/15 at 05:10pm

Definitely not for the youngsters, and the show isn't trying to be, but this is what well thought out TV can be. Brutal, Raw, Gritty, but so is the time in which it takes place. A good man, trapped in a bad man role, striving to excise a good man's justice. Makes one realize, Goodness once usurped by Wickedness, will be a long time finding it's way back. Great job FX, keep it coming!

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