The Last Man on Earth

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Mar 01, 2015 - May 06, 2018








Phil - Will ForteMelissa - January JonesTodd - Mel RodriguezCarol - Kristen SchaalErica - Cleopatra Coleman

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A comedy following the life of a guy who ends up as the last man alive on earth in the year 2022.

After an unlikely event strikes the planet Earth in the year 2022, Phil Miller finds himself as possibly the only man left alive. With just a sliver of hope that there are other survivors out there, Phil travels the continent in his RV but finds no sign of life anywhere.

While there are certainly some perks that come with being the last person alive on earth, Phil has become sad and lonely over time. Could there still be hope that somebody else is out there?

Comments (45)

07/05/15 at 09:35pm

Watched the first episode and fast forward through half of the episode.
It sucked, it is so desperate
The title no longer applies after 10 minutes of show
The actors also were not of my liking.
07/05/15 at 06:58pm

I just don't know where its going. It's funny in a desperate, trying too hard kind of way.
06/21/15 at 07:35am

I think all that is going on in this show, is only in Phil's head....Hence the name "Last Man on Earth"
06/20/15 at 05:02pm

NormalName, I completely agree with you. I do think that Phil has been pretty immature so far, but who knows what the future holds for him and the others -- I know I'll be watching!
06/20/15 at 11:33am

I honestly don't see why people don't like this show, i find it quite entertaining to watch. So do most people, were all of these comments left by one person or something?
05/18/15 at 12:31pm

This may be the worst series ever made. I can't believe it got renewed while so many others got cancelled.
04/20/15 at 12:50pm

What's the point of calling a show The Last man on Earth when he really isn't?
Dave James
04/19/15 at 09:57am

Mike, if the show is so horrible, why would you watch three episodes?
04/15/15 at 06:57pm

I watched 3 episodes of this show. It's horrible!!! Just another show with tasteless sex jokes.
04/08/15 at 09:15pm

The show was funny while he was by himself, ok when carol showed up, bad when the second girl showed up and terrible after Tom showed up. I hate the whining lying will forte. I can't believe this was renewed. All the great shows that fox cancels and they renew this...

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